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Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.

Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.
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Top experts and fascinating advice in a fun and entertaining podcast.






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Why You Believe Some People but Not Others & How to Finish What’s Really Important to You

Smile! Smiling turns out to be really good for you in a lot of ways. This episode begins with an explanation of all the benefits of smiling more often. Why do we find ourselves listening to and paying attention to some people but not others? What makes certain people seemingly more credible? It turns out there are subtle characteristics (in fact 8 of them) that make some people more credible and...


SYSK Choice: Is "Gut Instinct" A Real Thing? & The Fascinating Ways Sound Affects You

Can people actually become addicted to cheese? This episode begins with some surprising information how why people love cheese so much. I’m sure you have, at some point in your life, relied on your “gut instinct.” You made a decision that just felt right at that moment. And while that may be fine for small decisions – is it really smart to use your gut to make the big decisions? After all – what exactly is your gut? Well, Mary Ellen O’Toole, author of Dangerous Instincts...


The Powerful Advantages of Telling a Good Story & Why You Need To Change Jobs

Do you know people who claim they can focus and work just fine in a messy and disorganized office? Well researchers at Princeton did some research to see if this is really true. Listen and find out what they discovered. For centuries humans have used storytelling as a powerful way to communicate. And it is very effective. That is why great speakers and leaders use stories to make their point and win people over to their side....


How to Get People to Say Yes to You & Have We Become Overly Cautious?

“Never cry at work!” has been some long standing advice for employees. So if you DO cry at work, what will people think of you? This episode begins with how people perceive their colleagues when they see them crying on the job. It would sure be nice of people said yes to you whenever you ask for something. Unfortunately they don’t. So how do you become more persuasive so more people say yes to you more of the time? Brian Ahearn specializes...


SYSK Choice: Become a Brilliant Negotiator & Finding Your Purpose in Life

Almost all voice guided apps – like Siri and Alexa – have a female voice. Ever wonder why? This episode begins with the explanation as to why the female voice is favored in most apps. Are you a good negotiator or would you prefer to avoid negotiation like the plague? Well, the fact is we all negotiate every single day – and a big part of the problem with negotiation is how we approach it. Dan Shapiro is going to...


A Better Way to Look at Success and Failure & How to Buy and Wear Clothes That Look Great

Most people never read the “Terms of Service” when they download an app. However, when you click OK you enter into a contract that says you will abide by those terms. So this episode begins with a look at what terms you are agreeing to. And you will be shocked. Fear of failure is one of the big reasons people fall short of their goals. However failure today is seldom as serious as people think according to...


Why You Have Trouble Sleeping & How to Fix It & How to Get the World’s Attention

80% of infectious disease are spread by touch. This is why it is so important to wash your hands. Still, most people don’t wash their hands correctly. Listen to discover the right way to wash your hands and which spots on your hand that are not getting clean enough. You have to sleep – and you probably have to sleep more than you do. That’s the message from neurologist Dr. Guy Leschziner. Guy heads up The Sleep...


SYSK Choice: How to Be More Powerful & Fascinating Facts from the “Google Earth” of Health

Is there such a thing as the best seat in the house at a movie theater? Yes according to the people who design them. Listen to discover where to sit the next time you go to the movies. What makes a powerful person – powerful? That’s a fascinating question. And when you understand the answer, you too can be more powerful. That’s according to Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology at UC Berkley and...


How Word-of-Mouth Marketing Really Works & Why Your Dog Loves You So Much

Your taste in music can have a big impact on who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you. Whether you like jazz, country or classical music, listen to discover who you are most likely to get along with and who to shy away from. Word-of-mouth marketing is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective methods to spread the word about an idea, product or service. So who starts word of mouth marketing...


How You Can Access Better Health Care Now & Subtle Factors That Influence Your Decisions

If you ever lose something at an airport – where do you go to find it? The Lost & Found of course. But do you know how many Lost & Founds there are at the airport? A LOT. That is just one of many great airline travel tips that begin today’s episode. People complain about...


SYSK Choice: Getting Your Dream Project Done & Food Science for Better Cooking

Did you know bacon is really a low-fat food? That is just one of the many fascinating food science facts you’ll discover when you listen to food writer David Joachim author of The Science of Good Food. You’ll also discover why hot liquids freeze faster than cold ones, why you should never cook veggies with lemon and the science of cooking the perfect steak – and a lot more great cooking advice. Also, do you have a project or goal in your head that you swear you want to get done – but never...


How to Figure Out Any and Every Problem & How to Use Statistics to Make Your Case

If you want someone to do something for you, it is all about how you phrase it. This episode begins with a discussion on the psychology of requests and how to say it so people will respond the way you want them to. When life dishes out problems you have to solve them. And according to my guest, the good news is that all those problems can be solved. Marie Forleo is a wildly popular entrepreneur, writer,...


How to Beat Distractions That Eat Up Your Time & A Positive Way to Fix Problems

A lot of people claim to be allergic to penicillin. In fact 1 out of 10 do. Most of those people are wrong and this episode begins with the explanation why. More than ever, it is so easy to be tempted by distractions. So how do you stay focused and on task when temptations abound? With some really good suggestions is Nir Eyal. He is a writer and investor who has taught at the Stanford Graduate School...


SYSK Choice: Great Life Hacks & The Nasty Political Discussion Fix

Here’s something interesting – as sunscreen use has increased over the last several years, so has the rate of skin cancer. So what is going on? I’ll discuss that and what we know DOES work to help prevent skin cancer. Who couldn’t use some great life hacks? I love them! And no one is better at finding them than David Pogue author of Pogue’s Basics: Life (


How Regular People Get Rich & What You Never Knew About the Clothes You Wear

Do you ever eavesdrop? Be honest now. The fact is we almost all do – it is human nature and once served an important purpose. This episode begins with a discussion on eavesdropping and snooping and why we mostly all do it. (John L. Locke author of Eavesdropping ( When you hear the typical advice on managing your money it is to stopping spending – cut back – no more lattes. Well my first guest today has radically different advice on managing your money that will not...


How Your Social Life Affects Your Health & Can You Be Selfish in a Relationship?

If you want to be more successful and make more money there is one very simple and seemingly unrelated thing you can do that has been proven by looking at the habits of over 30,000 families. This episode begins by revealing what this seemingly magical, money-making act is. When it comes to good health – medical care is important. However, the kind of person you are and how you treat others is even more important – by a lot!...


SYSK Choice: The Simple Solution to Beating Stress For Good

Why do dogs do what they do? They seem obsessed with smelling everything and everybody and they universally love the snow. Why? This classic episode begins with an explanation of some common and often baffling doggy behavior. Stress is mostly about your distorted perception. That’s the messages from clinical psychologist Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli, author of The Stress Solution...


How Probability and Chance Rule Your Life & Understanding How Motivation Really Works

Ever have someone offer to help you and you say – “No, I got it.”? Why? Why we are so reluctant to ask other people for help when we really could use it? This episode begins with a discussion on why asking for help is hard and yet it is one of the smartest things you will ever do. Chance and probability rule your life. Yet how much do you understand about them? Ian Stewart knows about them better than most people. Ian a Professor...


How Anyone Can Learn Anything & The Fascinating Science of Human Attachment

It’s quite common and convenient to take medication or vitamin pills with a gulp of coffee or juice in the morning. But should you? The episode begins with a discussion on how important it is to use the right beverage to help you swallow those pills. Are there subjects or activities you are good at learning? Do you believe you have a certain aptitude for some...


SYSK Choice: You Are Eating Fake Food & Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Men and women approach online dating very differently and consequently get different results. This classic episode begins with a discussion on who does a better job using online dating – and why. A surprising amount of food sold in stores and restaurants is not what you think it is. Journalist Larry Olmsted author of the book Real Food, Fake Food...