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The most comprehensive discussion of the Red Sox minor league farm system on the Web.

The most comprehensive discussion of the Red Sox minor league farm system on the Web.


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The most comprehensive discussion of the Red Sox minor league farm system on the Web.




SPPod #185 - Get things started and ramp up

Major League Baseball has announced plans for a return to the field. Meanwhile, Minor League Baseball cancelled its 2020 season. That gets Chris and Ian back behind their mics. Leading off, Noah Song finally has direction for the next 12-18 months of his military career. Then on to the big news of the week. MLB imposed a 60-games-in-66-days framework. They discuss how the 60-man player pool will work. From there, the guys break out who is on the Sox squad and debate which players should be...


SPPod #184 - Maybe it worked, I don't know

Having gone outside the pod for opinions last episode, Chris and Ian got their chance to talk through the draft. The guys talk through each draft selection, and all the undrafted free agents who had signed as of the time we recorded. They go in depth on both Nick Yorke and Blaze Jordan, the two high schoolers whose bats will need to carry them. Then it’s time to talk about the two college pitchers. And of course, we read another batch of your exceptional emails! 0:00 - Intros, housekeeping,...


SPPod #183 - Jim Callis from Talks Draft

Chris and Ian welcome Jim Callis to the pod (his fifth appearance on the podcast!) to talk all things MLB Draft. And as always, he’s got plenty of knowledge to bring to the table! Jim shared his thoughts on Boston’s draft strategy, his thorough thoughts on the players the Sox picked in the draft, and the abbreviated draft in general. And of course, we got to your emails! Follow Jim on Twitter @jimcallisMLB We also want to thank our in-residence musical guest, The Ludlow Thieves. Check...


SPPod #182 - 2020 Draft: Night 1 Recap

With the 17th selection of the 2020 Major League Baseball Draft, the Boston Red Sox threw us all a curveball when they selected California high school infielder Nick Yorke. Wondering what happened? Want the dish on the newest Red Sox draftee? Chris and Ian have the answers. Ian shares the consensus on Yorke’s hit tool and makeup, both of which are highly regarded. The guys talk through the draft strategy behind the pick, including expectations of how the next 3 picks will shake out. They...


SPPod #181 - Draft Preview with BA’s Carlos Collazo

A sense of normalcy returns Wednesday as Major League Baseball holds its annual Rule 4 Draft. This year’s draft is a truncated affair: 5 rounds instead of 40. But as Chris and Ian discuss with Carlos, the class has remarkable depth. The guys ask Carlos about draft strategies, especially in light of the Sox’ lack of a second-round pick. Carlos previews some players that might be in play for the Sox at pick 17. And all three guys answer your excellent collection of draft questions. We really...


SPPod #180 - We’re going to try to talk baseball… again

At a time when there are more important things to focus on in all of our lives, we felt that recording a 97-minute distraction might not be the worst thing for a temporary respite. Will we have to wait much longer before baseball returns? Chris and Ian have some thoughts and updates as we enter June. First up, they look at the state of negotiations between players and owners. Some hurdles have been cleared, but we have a long way to go. Next up they go through a round of cuts. With the...


SPPod #179: Go get some vitamin D

Baseball’s long winter continues. And while we wait for games, Chris and Ian have updates. First up, an interview with Deputy editor and Pentagon Correspondent at Defense News (and more importantly, longtime podcast listener) Aaron Mehta, who gives some insight into the Noah Song situation. MLB set the terms of the 2020 Draft, and the guys have opinions on how badly MLB has handled the situation, as well as thoughts about how the Sox will approach the draft. Plus, Chris and Ian recap their...


SPPod #178: They can’t hear you nodding

We all miss baseball, but the podcast marches on! Even without games, Chris and Ian had plenty to talk about. In the news, MLB finally released its report on the Red Sox sign-stealing investigation. Was the punishment as lax as most seemed to think? The guys disagree with the consensus there. Plus, with this week's report that the minor league season is in jeopardy, we discuss the implications on the field and off. Plus, Chris has an update on Noah Song's status, and the guys continued...


SPPod Ep. #177 - It's got a better twist than that

Baseball extended winter continues. All of us at SoxProspects want to send you our sincere wishes for health and safety. And with time on our hands, we can turn our attention to a little series we just launched: State of the System. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look. Ian and Chris take a look at the series and share their thoughts. They start by breaking down drafts and J2 signings to evaluate the evolution of the Sox farm system in the last several years. And then it is on to...


SPPod Ep. #176 - Small Prospects

Before we get started, to all our listeners, colleagues, supporters and friends of the site, we all want to send our sincere wishes for health, safety and security. We’re planning to keep episodes of the podcast coming, so you have things to listen to while you’re sheltering in place, working from home and taking breaks from MLB Vault marathons. We’re releasing this podcast on what would have been Opening Day. And while baseball is still shut down, we have plenty to talk through. Chris and...


SPPod #175: Minor League Camp "Preview"

A lot can change in a couple days. In this episode, Chris and Ian engaged in an in-depth preview of their then-upcoming trip to minor league spring training, running through the players they were looking forward to seeing in camp and taking your listener questions. Days later, as Chris explains in the new intro, the trip was unfortunately canceled due to concerns related to the coronavirus, but we are still releasing the episode as a preview of the players and storylines we have our eyes on...


SPPod Ep. #174: Emergency podcast – Mookie Betts, take two

Here we go again. The siren is blaring. Mookie Betts is once again on his way to LA, along with David Price and cash to cover half of what Price is owed over the next three years. Coming back to Boston are Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs and Connor Wong. Chris and Ian break down the new deal and answer your questions. Got something to say? We love talking about what you want to hear about. Make sure to email us. Love the show? Want to help us out while also getting exclusive goodies? Support...


SPPod #173 - Emergency Podcast: Mookie Betts

This is not a test. The front office actually did it. Mookie Betts and David Price (plus some cash) are now Dodgers. Alex Verdugo and Brusdar Graterol are now Red Sox. And Chris and Ian are here for all of us. Got something to say? We love talking about what you want to hear about. Make sure to email us. Love the show? Want to help us out while also getting exclusive goodies? Support the podcast by contributing to us on Patreon! Go to Sox Prospects on Patreon for the...


SPPod #172 - We’re going to try to talk baseball

This is a test of the emergency podcast system. This is only a test. If this had been an actual emergency podcast, Mookie Betts would no longer be a member of the Boston Red Sox. But as of the recording of this episode, no trade has been struck. While we wait for news to break (if it breaks), Chris and Ian talked through potential returns for Betts. Ian tackled the Padres; Chris took the Dodgers. And before they played fantasy GM, they recapped the latest moves and offered condolences for...


SPPod Ep. #171 - Alex Speier talks Homegrown, his top 10 and the Sox system

New Year, new laptop, new podcast, and a new book out from our guest Alex Speier (@alexspeier). Chris and Ian spend an hour with the Boston Globe beat writer discussing his new book, Homegrown: How the Red Sox Built a Champion from the Ground Up, his Baseball America top 10 rankings and other thoughts from the system, and questions from our listeners in the mailbag. Heck, they even got Alex’s real-time “thoughts” on a transaction that broke during the chat! 0:00 – Intros, housekeeping,...


SPPod #170 - A string and two tin cans

Technical difficulties be damned (RIP Chris’ laptop), Chris and Ian cobbled together a mid-December Podcast to tuck under your tree. Noah Song’s active military service saga continues without a definitive resolution. We released new rankings and the guys talk about who’s new, who moved and why some guys need to be seen before getting ranked higher. With the Rule 5 Draft completed, and the Sox making picks, the 40-man roster is a little fuller. Chris and Ian talk about the new guys in the...


SPPod #169: Why are we here?

It’s an existential question, and perhaps an appropriate one as the organization ramps up in the most pivotal offseason in recent memory. First, Chris and Ian recap the Sox representatives’ time at the Premier12 tournament, including a quick diversion into the latest news on Noah Song and his military commitment. It’s also everyone’s favorite time - the deadline to protect players from the Rule 5 Draft! Chris and Ian agree on the likely players - 4 of ‘em - added to the 40-man roster....


SPPod #168: Scott Boras is a genius

J.D. Martinez is coming back. And so are Chris and Ian to detail the latest off-season developments. First on tap, the aforementioned non-opt-out of the Red Sox designated hitter. But Chris and Ian caution, that doesn’t mean he’ll be suiting up for the Sox. Nor does it mean that Mookie Betts is getting dealt. But that’s another show. Continuing on this show, the guys share updates from the Team USA Premier 12 tournament, which features four top ten Sox Prospects. After a quick email from one...


SPPod Ep. #167: Halloween Candy Buyback Program

The hot stove fires have been stoked. Ian and Chris discuss the looming offseason. Topping it off, meet Chaim Bloom. The Red Sox took their time and did their due diligence. Bloom brings a creative mind and a collaborative spirit to the ball club. And his first move highlights a course correction. Along with Bloom, the Sox added new coaches to the big league bench. Chris and Ian pivot to rankings. They focus on the challenge of number three. Including a digression on the physics of baseball...


SPPod Ep. #166: I think we've got a lot to talk about

You may have heard about this. The Red Sox dismissed Dave Dombrowski Sunday night. Chris and Ian question the timing (of the announcement, not the decision). They make the case for why the club needed to make a change. Ian describes the lack of depth in the upper minors that put the Red Sox in a "No Man's Land" for in-season options. But the discussion is not solely centered on the now departed Dealer Dave. The rosters for the Arizona Fall League are almost entirely set. Boston's contingency...