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Feelings, finance, and the f*cking system. Comedian and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn (aka America’s Deadbeat Sweetheart) unapologetically examines the intersection of finances and social justice. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with journalists, politicians, activists, and fellow deadbeats.

Feelings, finance, and the f*cking system. Comedian and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn (aka America’s Deadbeat Sweetheart) unapologetically examines the intersection of finances and social justice. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with journalists, politicians, activists, and fellow deadbeats.


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Feelings, finance, and the f*cking system. Comedian and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn (aka America’s Deadbeat Sweetheart) unapologetically examines the intersection of finances and social justice. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with journalists, politicians, activists, and fellow deadbeats.




S6E12: How Reparations Could Work with Economist William Darity

Gaby speaks with economist William Darity. He breaks down why reparations for descendants of enslaved people absolutely needs to happen, how reparations would work in the U.S., how much money could begin to fix the generational wealth gap and who benefitted from the labor of enslaved people. Plus, addressing assumptions and racist fears about reparations and what would need to change politically for reparations to happen.


S6E11: Profiting Off Prisons with The Marshall Project’s Joe Neff

Gaby tackles her latest research obsession -- private prisons. Who is making a profit from locking people up? The Marshall Project’s Joe Neff joins the show to talk about the mistreatment of prisoners in the time of COVID-19, who makes money off federal, state and private prisons, the ways prisoners are nickeled and dimed for everything (from soap to slippers to shoes), and the ways we can better rehabilitate people who have committed crimes. Read more about the criminal justice system at...


S6E10: Making Your Donations Count with Chloe Cockburn

Everyone is donating. But where should we donate and how do we know what impact our money is having? Gaby talks to Open Philanthropy's program officer for criminal justice reform, Chloe Cockburn. It's her job to figure out the best places to put your money if you want to help with criminal justice reform, ending bail, electing politicians and District Attorneys that share your progressive values, ending mass incarceration and tons of other worthwhile causes. Aside from donating money, we'll...


S6E9: Answering Your Financial Therapy Questions with Amanda Clayman

Gaby gathers listener emails, voicemails and questions about money during the COVID-19 pandemic. She invites financial therapist Amanda Clayman on to give advice about what to do about the stress of unemployment, loss of control, having more than your friends and family, and redirecting your long-term money plans now that the world is totally different. Clayman, host of Financial Therapy with Amanda Clayman, and Gaby respond to your voicemails and emails and try to provide context for the...


S6E8: Defund the Police and The People’s Budget with Lexis-Olivier Ray

Can we decide what our cities spend money on? Should we defund the police? Gaby is joined by Lexis-Olivier Ray, a black journalist covering protests against police brutality in Los Angeles. He describes his most recent work, reporting on homelessness and the housing crisis’ tie to crime rates, funding and police brutality. Gaby and Lexis-Olivier also break down the People’s Budget LA, which seeks to defund the LAPD and redirect funds towards housing, parks, libraries, crisis management,...


S6E7: Being Sold A Better You During COVID-19 with Amanda Montell

We’ve talked about buying a better you. But how are we being sold our health and wellness during “these trying times?” Gaby talks to linguist and author Amanda Montell about the capitalistic language shifting to sell people wellness and “immunity-boosting” products of varying levels of harm during the coronavirus pandemic. What scams should we be looking out for? Is it possible to buy total safety from COVID-19? Why are we so desperate to believe the language of advertising? And, like in...


S6E6: Buying A Healthy Mind With Dr. Imani Walker

Can you buy better mental health? Gaby talks to psychiatrist Dr. Imani Walker, who works primarily with homeless patients and those who’ve been convicted of crimes, about mental illness in the time of COVID-19. What is it like to see patients now? What should mental health services cost when so many more people are suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD? And what are we realizing as a country are the basic necessities for at-risk populations to thrive today? Especially now that those...


S6E5: Buying Perfect Skin with Jackie Michele Johnson

Is it possible to buy perfect skin? And now, under quarantine, are we spending more on skin care products just to trick ourselves into an illusion of control? How has being forced to do beauty regimens at home changed how people are spending their money? Gaby talks to Natch Beaut podcaster and beauty expert Jackie Michele Johnson about aligning your self-care budget with your ethics, if it’s possible to buy “perfect” skin and how during a very scary and uncertain time, something as simple as...


S6E4: Giving A Damn with California Rep. Mark Takano (What Is The Govt. Doing For Us Now?)

Call your Congressperson. Seriously. Gaby wants to learn more about what the U.S. government is doing for us during the COVID-19 pandemic, so she calls up California Congressman Rep. Mark Takano on Zoom. They discuss how the community comes together to fill in the gaps in social safety nets, potential upcoming legislation for those suffering financially and how to show you give a damn during a worldwide economic crisis. (Content Warning: Suicide Mention)


S6E3: Buying Safety During A Pandemic with Olga Khazan

Gaby interviews reporter Olga Khazan, who wrote an article for The Atlantic about the increasingly visible class divide during the COVID-19 pandemic. What does it mean to be able to buy safety and when you do, who else are you putting at risk? As Khazan wrote, “the poor get socially close, so the rich can socially distance.” Plus, will the possible eventual revolution result in fairer wages and better social safety nets, as it has at other points in history? Or will it just allow middle-aged...


S6E2: Buying Your Health with Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

Can good health be bought? We flashback to when Coronavirus cases were newly emerging in the states. Gaby revisits an interview she did with public health expert Dr. Abdul El-Sayed about what compels us to invest in wellness trends and how much it actually costs to be healthy. (Spoiler alert: it’s prohibitive as hell.) And later, how are health scams working in the midst of COVID-19?


S6E1: Buying Success with Jennifer Morton

Gaby reflects on the meaning of success in today’s uncertain world. We flash back to our early plans for the season, including an interview with associate philosophy professor Jennifer Morton. What does it mean to be successful? What are we willing to sacrifice? After the interview, Gaby shares how her perspective on money has changed since so many lives were upended by the Coronavirus pandemic.


The "Bettering" Power Of Money (New Season Coming April 22)

What is life right now? So many of us are overwhelmed and stressed about a future that’s feeling more and more uncertain. In season 6 of Bad with Money, Gaby Dunn explores how during a crisis, we get stuck in cycles of trying to buy our way into some semblance of personal control. But as it turns out, being safe, healthy, generous, clean, attractive and happy is really freakin’ expensive -- especially when you have no idea what’s about to happen next in the world. Through interviews before...


S5E15: Rocket To The Moon (Space And Its Economy)

Gaby makes a final decision. Is it time to uproot her life and build a new one outside the U.S.? But wait! There's one more destination we want to explore as we wrap season 5. How expensive would it be to live... ON THE MOON? First, Gaby talks to scientist and aerospace engineer Kathleen Howell, a total badass who works with NASA, about the achievements and restrictions of living, working and colonizing the moon and in the space between the Earth and the moon. Then, she speaks with The...


S5E14: I'm Outta Here! Wait. No. Maybe. Is It Worth The Cost? (Listener Experiences Abroad!)

After YEARS of only getting snippets of listeners’ stories on social media, Gaby finally calls up a few members of her Bad with Money family. Is it worth saving your money to move abroad? How much would you sacrifice to leave the U.S.? We hear experiences from three listeners: Madeline Christensen from Texas, Madison Walsh from Kansas and Gabriela Marrero from Pennsylvania. Madeline has her mind set on fleeing to Europe, Madison refuses to settle anywhere, bouncing from country to country...


S5E13: Let’s Move To Paris! (The Cost Of The City Of Love)

Gaby contemplates what it’s like to live in Paris, a place most tourists would call “romantic as heck.” Why is Paris such a hub for love and how much would it cost for Gaby to take her partner Mal Blum there on a date? First, Gaby talks to Chris O’Brien, a journalist living in France, who happens to share a name with her ex-boyfriend. (Yikes!) And then she lays out a date night plan for her beloved Mal. Would they like to visit or even live with Gaby in France? Happy Valentine’s Day,...


S5E12: Cost of Being LGBTQ or Black Abroad

What’s it like to travel and live outside the U.S. when you're at high risk for harassment? Gaby talks with queer travel writer Meg Ten Eyck about what should you invest in for safety and what information you need to know before you move or even visit a new country as someone that is queer, gender non-conforming or another member of the LGBTQ community. Plus, find out why countries should be marketing to LGBTQ tourists. Then, we talk to Timothy Anderson, a black teacher from Tennessee, who...


S5E11: Gaby’s Escape Plan (Expats and Spain)

Gaby plots her escape plan by talking to Malte Zeeck, founder of InterNations and a German-born expert on expat communities, about the costs of moving abroad and how to find the right place for you. Then, she hears first-hand from Danielle Roberge, an American who moved to Spain and found that lower salaries were a fair trade off for better work-life balance and social safety nets. What are the biggest factors to consider before moving abroad? How much might it cost and what steps do you...


S5E10: Chinese Symbols of Wealth

Gaby explores the lack of money taboos in Chinese culture with TV writer Jessica Gao. Gao, who was born in China, explains the ways her mother shares every last detail of how much Jessica is making. Why are people so open about how much things cost, how much they’re earning and how much they LOVE money in Chinese culture? Then, Gaby welcomes back Andrew Ti, friend of the podcast and "Yo! Is This Racist?" co-host, to talk about the differences between Chinese and Chinese-American wealth...


S5E9: What If You Live Nowhere? #VanLife

What if the answer isn’t choosing where to live, but rather choosing to live nowhere? Gaby speaks to Rachel Wilson and Natalie Frizza, two members of Australia’s nomad community -- people who have chosen to live and raise kids in converted campers, vans and buses. Gaby explores what that daily life looks like, the cost of living and who tends to be able to experience that lifestyle. (Hint: White people, mostly.) Then, she talks to Melody Warnick, author of This Is Where You Belong: Finding...