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Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer, analysts Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings, Ben Gretch and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Waiver Wire, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and mailbag from your emails and #AskFFT tweets. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.

Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer, analysts Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings, Ben Gretch and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Waiver Wire, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and mailbag from your emails and #AskFFT tweets. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.


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Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer, analysts Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings, Ben Gretch and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Waiver Wire, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and mailbag from your emails and #AskFFT tweets. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.




AFC and NFC North Projections (07/07 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Adam Thielen's targets, Aaron Jones' carries, Ben Roethlisberger's passing yards, we're covering it all on today's show as we tackle the AFC and NFC North. First we discuss a recent draft and Patrick Mahomes' new contract ... AFC North projections for BAL (7:10), PIT (16:53), CLE (24:51) and CIN (31:35). Is Heath too low on Lamar Jackson's rushing totals? Why isn't Juju Smith-Schuster projected for more targets? How do we see the Browns backfield shaking out? Tyler Boyd or A.J. Green? ... To...


AFC East and NFC East PROJECTIONS! (07/06 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Welcome to Projections Week! Heath and Ben have projected every team and today we'll look at the East divisions. First, let's run through some news and notes (2:55) as we talk about the coronavirus, Damien Williams, David Njoku, Antonio Brown and the Scott Fish Bowl ... AFC East projections for NE (12:30), BUF (26:00), NYJ (36:21) and MIA (46:13). How fast-paced will the NE offense be and what will Julian Edelman do with a new QB? How big of a role will Zack Moss play in BUF? How many...


Top 5 Players We're Worried About Being Wrong About; Top 5 Patriotic Movies! (07/03 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Fantasy analysts have to make bold calls, like fading Derrick Henry or buying into an aging RB. But if those bold calls go wrong it could be really bad for our Fantasy teams! So we present the Top 5 players we're worried about being wrong about. First, let's talk about a shortened preseason and which teams might be most affected (2:55) ... We kick off our discussion with Chris Carson and Le'Veon Bell (9:06). Heath likes both of these guys, but certainly he's concerned about being wrong. Then...


Top 5 Players We're Avoiding (07/02 Fantasy Football Podcast)

TRAP backs, TD regression candidates, injury risks and more! Who are we avoiding in drafts? Aaron Jones (2:15) is being drafted too early. When will we be willing to take Derrick Henry (13:15)? What is it that we have against these two players who finished as Top 5 RBs in 2019? ... Much of the show is about RBs including Leonard Fournette (22:00), Chris Carson (26:55) and two players with very different profiles that Ben is avoiding for different reasons (35:00) ... Want to hear about some...


Top 5 WRs After Round 10 (07/01 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Looking for this year's Courtland Sutton, Michael Gallup or John Brown? We've got a list of nearly 20 names as each analyst gives a Top 5 (and then some) of the WRs they love after Round 10. We start with a favorite (1:50) from Jamey, Ben and Heath. Keep an eye on Laviska Shenault this year! ... Quick news items (9:03) on Teddy Bridgewater and Cam Newton. Then we look at Heath's Top 5 which includes a couple of NYG WRs (11:30), Allen Lazard (18:50) and Preston Williams (22:22) ... Ben's Top...


Top 5 Backfield Battles and a Heated RB Strategy Debate! (06/30 Fantasy Football Podcast)

The rookie RB class has given us a lot of intriguing backfield battles. Today we'll put the spotlight on five of them as we see which way our listeners are leaning and which way our analysts are leaning in each backfield, starting with KC (4:26). Does Damien Williams have better value than Clyde Edwards-Helaire? ... We move on to the Rams (16:00) and Bucs (23:30) backfields. Are we going with the veterans or the rookies? Do we even want anything to do with TB? And then on to the Lions...


Scott Fish Joins the Show! 0.5 PPR Mock Draft and SFBX Preview (06/29 Fantasy Football Podcast)

The most charitable man in the industry joins us today! Scott Fish is here to talk about his Fantasy charity, the Scott Fish Bowl and a 0.5 PPR mock draft. Oh, and he weighs in on Cam Newton (6:55) as Heath also tells us where he has Cam in his rankings ... We discuss the most interesting picks of a 0.5 PPR mock draft we completed recently. Josh Jacobs and Derrick Henry were the 7th and 8th picks, respectively (16:00). Is that justified given their lack of catches? James Conner went 33rd...


🚨Cam Newton to the Patriots! (06/28 Fantasy Football Podcast)

We're back with a BONUS Pod to talk about the Patriots signing Cam Newton. Where is Cam in the rankings? Is he ahead of Aaron Rodgers? Jared Goff? Does he still have Top 5 upside? What does the fact that it took this long for Cam to sign a 1-year deal say about his health and what the NFL thinks about him? We also talk about the impact that this signing could have on N'Keal Harry, the Patriots RBs and the AFC East. 'Fantasy Football Today' is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher,...


Fantasy Mailbag, Top 5 TV Dramas (06/26 Fantasy Football Podcast)

It's Top Five Friday! We'll give you our list of the best one-hour TV dramas of all-time, but mostly we're talking Fantasy Football with news (2:55) on the Hall of Fame Game and Odell Beckham. Then we'll read a few emails about Todd Gurley (10:30), WR tiers and projections (14:00) and Kenyan Drake (17:44). Is the Fantasy community too low on Drake? ... Taking a detour from Fantasy Football, is Breaking Bad the best show of all-time? We've each got our list of the five best one-hour TV dramas...


Top 5 TEs! Andrews or Ertz? Who's #5? (06/25 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Let's see what ADP is telling us about the Top 5 TEs. You can guess who the first two are, but how much better are Travis Kelce and George Kittle than the rest of the pack? And the guys debate Mark Andrews vs. Zach Ertz (6:15) ... TE Fill in the Blank! The Top 5 TE (other than Kelce) with the most upside (14:30) and most downside. The Top 5 TE we just won't draft (18:23). The Top 5 TE with the least upside (21:54) ... More questions about this group of stud TEs. Is Kelce over Kittle really...


Top 6 WR Debates! Julio or Tyreek? Hopkins or Godwin? (06/24 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Michael Thomas has earned his spot as WR1 in PPR, but what about in non-PPR? And who is our #2 WR behind Thomas? We start the show with an ADP review, Heath's reasoning for having Davante Adams and Julio Jones as #2 and #3 respectively, and our collective reasoning for being a little low on DeAndre Hopkins ... News and notes (6:36)! Is Antonio Brown coming back? Then we've got WR Fill in the Blank (12:00). Which of the Top 6 WRs has the most upside? Most downside? Who are we avoiding in...


Top 5 RB Debates! McCaffrey ... Then Who? (06/23 Fantasy Football Podcast)

We know Christian McCaffrey is the top RB in Fantasy, but who is next? Is it Ezekiel Elliott and his 300+ carries? Is it Alvin Kamara and his 80+ catches? Saquon Barkley? Dalvin Cook? Let's see what ADP has to say right now (1:50) as we begin our discussion of these stud RBs ... Fill in the Blank! Most upside other than McCaffrey (9:05)? Least upside (14:45)? Highest and lowest floor (15:15) ... We go in-depth on these RBs (20:00) as you'll hear cases for four of them to be RB2 behind...


Top 6 QB Debates! Can Watson Have His Best Season Yet? (06/22 Fantasy Football Podcast)

It's a big rankings week here on Fantasy Football Today as we look at the Top 5 at each position. With QB, you really have to discuss the Top 6. Let's take a look at early ADP (2:33) and see how far ahead of the pack Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are before we take a quick detour with some news and notes (8:00). Can Curtis Samuel be a sleeper this season? ... Jackson or Mahomes (12:00)? Let's pick these guys apart and figure out what separates one from the other. Then we'll move on to...


Busts! Plus Deebo ☹️ (06/18 Fantasy Football Podcast)

With Deebo Samuel out 3-4 months, does Brandon Aiyuk become the best rookie WR? Does George Kittle move ahead of Travis Kelce? We discuss all angles of this including the possibility that Samuel misses hardly any time. Then Dave and Ben give you their biggest bust candidates for the 2020 season. Are Raheem Mostert (8:40) and Will Fuller (12:00) busts or breakouts? ... Some NFL news (19:00) and a question about the new rules regarding holdouts (21:45). Then it's back to busts with an in-depth...


Breakouts! Kyler, Akers, Diontae Johnson and More! (06/17 Fantasy Football Podcast)

On today's show, we reminisce about the Butt Fumble for some reason (1:30), find out if Ben Schragger knows who Pauly Shore is and discuss our 2020 breakouts! Ben, Dave and Jamey give their favorite breakouts to kick things off (2:40). Calvin Ridley, Marquise Brown and D.K. Metcalf are discussed ... Ben Schragger's pop culture knowledge is briefly put to the test (11:15), we've got news and notes (12:45) as we talk about how the coronavirus is currently impacting the NFL, plus the Eagles...


Sleepers! Roethlisberger, Hardman, Cohen and More (06/16 Fantasy Football Podcast)

It's time for an early look at 2020 sleepers! Heath, Ben and Jamey give you their favorites at the top of the show. We like Anthony Miller in the late rounds and Josh Reynolds in deeper leagues ... What can Ben Roethlisberger do without Antonio Brown? We look at Big Ben and Gardner Minshew as QB sleepers (9:23). Matt Breida and Ronald Jones are among the RBs we're looking at today (19:05). Do we like Jones more than his backfield mate Ke'Shawn Vaughn? ... Nyheim Hines and Tarik Cohen look...


The Consensus Top 30 Players for 2020! Breaking Down Each Player (06/15 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Christian McCaffrey is #1! Yeah, that's the easy part, but who is next? We are counting down our Top 30 PPR players based on our consensus rankings. First, #30-21 (3:36) in the rankings. We debate Tyler Lockett vs. Juju Smith-Schuster vs. Adam Thielen, and Kenny Golladay vs. Calvin Ridley. Aaron Jones was a Top 3 RB in 2019 but he barely cracks the overall Top 30 in 2020. What's up with that? ... Moving on to #20-11 (31:00), we talk about the TEs plus a big group of RBs that includes Derrick...


Rankings Disputes and Creating More Fun Fantasy Leagues! (06/11 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Dave is going to try to start the BEST FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE EVER this season! Get the details and see if you like it (2:30)! And there's never a bad time to have some rankings disputes. We're debating: Tom Brady and Drew Brees vs. some of the younger QBs (10:00), James White as a #3 RB in PPR (13:40), Adam Thielen's chance to be elite (18:50) and what we'll see from Evan Engram this season (22:30) ... Another edition of "Does Ben Schragger Know it?" (28:30). Nickelodeon's Guts? Steve...


Dalvin Cook; Where WRs Line Up; ADP Combos (06/10 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Well, a stud RB is threatening to hold out. Must be football season! Let's talk about Dalvin Cook (1:50) to start the show and more notes (9:15) on DeSean Jackson, Hayden Hurst and more ... We've got data on where WRs line up on the field (12:30). Which WRs avoid the slot? Which ones play there the most? What about RBs and TEs? And why does this matter? Does it help some WRs avoid the top cornerbacks? We'll sort out the data and tell you the players to focus on ... Has our producer Ben...


Best Early ADP Values! (06/08 Fantasy Football Podcast)

A look at early ADP has some head-scratching stuff! We'll tell you our favorite values after we look at a few somewhat surprising ADPs (3:25) like Derrick Henry and Josh Jacobs as RB5 and RB6, respectively. Plus you might be surprised by who the second WR off the board is and where Rob Gronkowski is being drafted. Also, we have a very interesting FAAB question to debate (15:00) ... A look at our favorite QB average draft positions (18:50), don't sleep on Jared Goff. Dave makes a case for Dak...