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The staff of's Cut4 looks at the whimsical side of baseball, debating everything from ballpark food to ballpark faux pas and walk-offs to walk-up music. Follow us on twitter @Cut4!

The staff of's Cut4 looks at the whimsical side of baseball, debating everything from ballpark food to ballpark faux pas and walk-offs to walk-up music. Follow us on twitter @Cut4!


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The staff of's Cut4 looks at the whimsical side of baseball, debating everything from ballpark food to ballpark faux pas and walk-offs to walk-up music. Follow us on twitter @Cut4!




Hey, Go Watch a Baseball Game (Ep. 228)

After 228 episodes, this iteration of the Cut4Cast is at its end. In their last episode, Dakota and Gemma talk about New York's status as a baseball town and Sean Doolittle's great offseason honor - appearing as an answer in a crossword puzzle. They also share their favorite parts of the show over the years, play one last game of rock paper scissors and thank you, every single one of you, for listening.


How Much Baseball-Themed Taxidermy Is Too Much? (Ep. 227)

It's the offseason, so join Dakota and Gemma in discussing a CNN reporter's baseball-themed taxidermy project, Tim Tebow's fourth season with the Mets organization and a hypothetical winter of free agency. If you were a baseball player, what would your team priorities be? A fun city? Cool new friends?


What Are the Winter Meetings and How Fun Are They? (Ep. 226)

What are the Winter Meetings? Why was the entire baseball world in San Diego for the second week of December? Gemma, Jake and Jordan explain what goes on at baseball's biggest convention, share their best Winter Meetings stories and talk about who has them star-struck. Does Gemma deeply regret missing Matt Kemp in the hotel lobby? Listen to find out (you know the answer is yes).


Naps Are All You Need to Succeed (Ep. 225)

This week, Gemma is joined by Matt and Mike to talk about a delicious yet frightening new Minor League mascot, Ichiro's return to the (well, a) diamond and Nelson Cruz's penchant for naps. Yes, naps! They're not just for toddlers anymore, and if you want to win awards, you should take them too.


The Great Mascot War is Upon Us (Ep. 224)

This week, Gemma is joined by Chris and Chesterton for a Friendsgiving edition of the show. They discuss the Worcester WooSox's happy mascot and an elaborate victory celebration in the Dominican Winter League. Then they turn to the most pressing question of our time: Which mascots are most formidable in hand-to-hand combat?


Call It San Fran, Whatever (Ep. 223)

Why is everyone in San Francisco so mad that Will Smith called the city "San Fran?" Really, someone tell Dakota and Gemma why. This week, they try to decode city nickname conventions, gush about Baby Yoda (because who isn't), pick their favorite new Copa de la Diversión teams and explain why you should follow baseball players on Instagram.


Who is Going to Help Todd Frazier with All the Wild Turkeys on His Lawn? (Ep. 222)

What do baseball players like to do in the offseason? Apparently they rank fruits, hit golf balls into outer space and go on local news shows to complain about wild animals. Dakota and Gemma break down the week in bizarre offseason activities, and really really hope someone helps Todd Frazier with all the wild turkeys surrounding him.


Do You Have a Baseball Doppelganger? (Ep. 221)

Are you pumpkin-spiced coffee person? Hunter Pence is, and he's a coffee expert. Dakota and Gemma debate the merits of flavored coffees, but really just daydream about hanging out at Pence's coffee shop. They also discuss baseball player doppelgangers and what they'd do if they ran into their favorite players while dressed as them for Halloween.


We Love the Nats as Much as They Love Each Other (Ep. 220)

The Nationals won the World Series and Dakota and Gemma are elated by it. Juan Soto! Max Scherzer! Mr. National himself, Ryan Zimmerman! They discuss their favorite moments of the World Series and get a little emotional about the Nats seeming like best friends. They also discuss their favorite fan moments, Marcus Stroman's tattoo of himself and tips to stay sane during the offseason.


Who Knew Lady Gaga Was Such a Yankees Fan? (Ep. 219)

The Nationals made it to the World Series, and Dakota and Gemma could not be more excited for them. They're even happy all of their postseason predictions were wrong! They discuss their favorite D.C. players, applaud Jose Altuve's incredible ALCS moment and really take a deep dive into Lady Gaga's apparent aggrieved Yankees fandom.


Who Is Baseball's Hottest Manager? (Ep. 218)

Dakota and Gemma have been wrong about basically every postseason prediction they've made so far. But that's OK! They're happy for the Nationals and can't wait to see if the Astros or Yankees will triumph. They discuss the vanquished Cardinals' best stadium food, postseason stadium atmosphere and answer a listener's question about baseball's hottest manager.


But is Kevin Kiermaier the Hottest Player in Baseball? (Ep. 217)

Do champagne celebrations ever get boring? After all, by the time a team gets to the World Series, they've done at least three. Gemma and Dakota propose levels of celebration (yes, 'pizza party' is one of the levels). They also discuss the best-dressed postseason teams, wonder if Kevin Kiermaier really is baseball's hottest player and break down the Division Series games they went to.


Believe in Yourself (Ep. 216)

Gemma is in Los Angeles for the NLDS, so Dakota is joined by Michael Clair this week - which is good, because his favorite player Yandy Diaz went off in the AL Wild Card Game. The two also discussed Tommy Pham's wild baseball tattoo, Nationals Park's insane crowd energy, and why Billy Beane's stuff just doesn't work in the postseason.


Baseball is for Everyone (Ep. 215)

This week, Dakota and Gemma explore baseball outside of the Major Leagues. They delve in to Beep Baseball, a version of the game for the visually impaired, and learn about sandlot baseball in Austin, perhaps the chillest form of the sport ever played. They also talk about hot dogs around the country and make outlandish postseason predictions.


Grow the Mike Fiers Beard (Ep. 214)

Dakota is back from Philly, but sadly he did not take the time away to grow a Mike Fiers-esque weird beard. Gemma encourages him to take more risks with his facial hair. They also discuss playing spoiler in October and a recent trip to Staten Island to watch a baseball game from a bat boy's point of view.


Pete Alonso's Shirt Was a Metaphor (Ep. 213)

Dakota is away in Philadelphia, so Gemma and Michael are teaming up this week. They break down which MLB mascot would clean up in the hypothetical mascot Olympics, talk about the weirdest baseball superstitions and explain how Pete ripping off his shirt is a metaphor for Mets fans shedding their anxiety.


Is the Phanatic a Bird? (Ep. 212)

Dakota believes the Phanatic is obviously a bird. Gemma thinks there's nothing obvious about it. They discuss the Phanatic's mysterious Galapagos origin, and just fight about it a lot. They also wonder if you should boo someone on your own team, and predict who will do the Body Issue next year.


Christian Yelich is Our Role Model (Ep. 211)

Christian Yelich did The Body Issue, and Dakota and Gemma think that makes him more of a role model than ever before. They especially support his decision to tell Body Issue-shamers to relax. They also discuss the Padres Rickrolling Red Sox fans and dissect Bryce Harper's new baby's name.


The Little League Classic is Truly Magical (Ep. 210)

Gemma went to the Little League Classic, and she tells Dakota about watching it from a forklift. They also talk about the magic of seeing baseball up close, an MLB version of the classic video game "NBA Jam" and share their favorite videos from Cut4's new YouTube channel. Oh yes, Cut4's on YouTube now and you can find it at


Are Baseball Players Hotter Than They've Ever Been? (Ep. 209)

Dakota and Gemma congratulate Yasiel Puig on becoming a US citizen, and get extremely excited for 2020's "Field of Dreams." They also support Tiffany Haddish in her quest to date Giancarlo Stanton and wonder if we're in the peak age of baseball player attractiveness.