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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.

UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.


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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.








Hope because of Teachers, Delivery, and Doctors

Dr. Mancuso calls in to talk about COVID-19. Multiple teachers union leaders call in to discuss Governor Cuomo's Executive Order about Spring Break and talk about the role that their members are playing in stopping the spread. Amazon is firing workers after a walkout, Hobby Lobby is firing workers by email, and union grocery store workers are getting hazard pay.


Q&A with NFL Players Union and Who is Deemed Essential

NFL PA President JC Tretter calls into this week's show to talk about taking over the union, their new contract, and what led him to lead the union. With everyone working from home, some interesting groups have been called on to step up and work during these trying times. We take a look at who has been deemed essential.


Getting Coronavirus with No Paid Sick Leave

This week's show is all about coronavirus. We take a look at changes that unions negotiated including teachers unions shutting down schools across the nation, the UAW convinced the Big Three Automakers to close their factories for the rest of the month, and the CWA bargained new benefits for their workforce. There are also things you can do to support workers. Find out what you can do.


Coronavirus Stories and Praising Bloomberg 2020

Albertsons and Safeway threatened a strike over pension benefits and won. Now the company is paying $575 Million to sure up the pension fund. Congress passes a bill to give TSA employees bargaining rights, while other federal unions pressure Trump to allow more telework because of the Coronavirus. We also look at Mike Bloomberg's run for President and talk about what he brought to the race. Flordia wants to allow employers to decide who gets to join the union and an investigation reveals...


Medicare for All or Keep What You Got?

On this week's show we have on a medical doctor to talk about his experience with Medicare vs. private insurance and to give us advice on the coronavirus. LaGrange talks about his love of Public Enemy and we talk about their very public spat. Plus the SEIU is spending $150 M to beat Trump in 2020 and Donny calls out LaGrange over his baseball knowledge.


How we can all Relate to the NFLPA Contract Battle

On this week's show we take a look at the CBA between the NFL and the NFL PA and have some audio from The Pat McAfee Show. We ask is Pat right about the union keeping quiet on the deal? Teachers in New York are fighting for foundation aid, which is money that they are owed from the state. Find out why it is important and what states like New York so to make it tougher to adequately fund our schools. The Communications Workers of America (CWA) have put Democrats who voted against the PRO...


The Big Union Fight Over Medicare for All

Plus should we fire Will C for sleeping with Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports? Congress passes the PRO Act, American Factory wins an Oscar, Trump is banning unions at the Department of Defense, and we have audio from the campaign trail.


Trump Exit: Will Liberals Leave if he is Re-Elected?

Christopher Dale calls in to talk about whether liberals will leave the country if Trump is re-elected. Trump is also at it again, this time hiring union-busters to oversee the agency that is in charge of regulating unions. The IBEW has endorsed Joe Biden, a good idea? Let us know in the comments below. Plus we have the 12 CEO's we hope get CoronaVirus (we are just kidding our prayers are with everyone who is sick), we ask the listeners who they think we should interview at the New...


Kobe, Cleaning Up the UAW and the Super Bowl

Remembering Kobe, Will C has some reflections, Trump is going out of his way to privatize the Post Office, Illinois wants to ban Right to Work, Amazon employees are protesting climate change, Schneck talks about his efforts to take the UAW back for the members, Trump bans impeachment talk, and we have bets on the Iowa Caucus and the Super Bowl.


Why Union Density is Down

Plus Trump bans union stickers, Mexican unions threaten a strike against Home Depot, Barstool Sports gets a slap on the wrist from the NLRB, and should employers be allowed to microchip their employees?


Scandals at MLB and UAW and Changes in West Virginia and Colorado

MLB is coming down hard on managers involved in a sign-stealing scheme. LaGrange argues with Will C about whether this is the progression of the game or just a repeat of the Black Sox scandal. West Virginia's Supreme Court is hearing a case about their Right to Work law, while Colorado's Governor is supporting a bill to give public employees bargaining rights. CNN is paying a record fine for union-busting, while FedEx gets off scot-free and the PRO Act is finally getting a vote in the...


2020 Presidential Predictions, AT&T, Trump & Gamers

Rick Smith from The Rick Smith Show joins us to talk about Presidential politics and give us some insight into the 2020 election. Wes McEnany from the Communications Workers of America (CWA) called in to explain their organizing drive of tech and game workers. Plus minimum wage increases save lives, a law firm in Texas is preying on public employees, Columbia Sportswear is organizing over Band-Aids, and Trump is mum on AT&T outsourcing jobs.


Doing What's Right this Christmas with AFT's Randi Weingarten

We have the AFT's Randi Weingarten on to talk about the Rochester School District firing 150 teachers in the middle of the year. We also discuss 41% of employers breaking the law to stop a union and the NLRB making it harder to join a union. Plus Trump is getting impeached, the AFL-CIO is supporting USMCA, and minor league ball players are getting high this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


How Amazon is Killing Workers

Injuries are sky-high at the Amazon facility in Staten Island and deaths are up in the last year nationwide. At the same time, union construction sites are proving to be the safest around, maybe the Amazon workers need to talk union? Google workers are talking union and the tech giant is trying to stop it, while Harvard Grad students are on strike for better wages and an end to harassment on the job. Plus O'Malley stands up to Trump official and the Mets have a new owner.


Fired for Unionizing at Solar Facility

The 2020 election is almost here and Mike Bloomberg is spending $100M on Anti-Trump ads. We have exclusive information from the Hard Rock Hotel Collapse and we ask why the Mayor is so dead set on imploding the building. Mark Janus is back in court once again trying to get his $3,000 in union dues back. We also have Chris, a Local 3 IBEW solar employee in studio. He worked for a company Bright Power, who fired him and the rest of his co-workers for joining a union. Plus Gary Jones is out as...


Arguing Alabama, Scabbing, And Colin Kapernick

Plus it's National Save Apprenticeship week for the IBEW, we talk about Trump's effort to water down union apprenticeships. Steelworkers are on strike in Minnesota, 25k are organizing at Delta, and we look at what a bad place Alabama is to live in. The Huffpost wrote a 5,000 word story about how the word scab is becoming mainstream, Kapernick is getting a tryout, and Mets win the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year awards.


Trump Gets Booed, A Sign of Things to Come?

AFGE's President is taking a leave of absence after accusations of sexual harassment. Should we cover stories like this? Some say yes, some no, we discuss. Trump is getting booed everywhere he goes and unemployment is up in important swing states. Chance the Rapper is now the Chicago Teachers favorite after his appearance on SNL. The UAW's President is forced out after leaders listened to last week's show. Elizabeth Warren's education plan is a game changer and the Mets hire Carlos Beltran.


UAW Fighting Corruption and GM at the Same Time

UAW is still on strike at GM and sadly a member lost his life on the picket line. We have a UAW President on to talk about the strike and corruption within the leadership. Chicago teachers are still on strike and the Mayor's actions are making us wonder, can union's count on the Democrats? Bernie Sanders and AOC had 26K at a rally in NYC, a lawsuit is filed against the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans, and Facebook is being investigated.


Who's Responsible for Hard Rock Collapse and Chicago Teachers on Strike

On this week's show, we get into how ABC contractors are murdering construction workers in New Orleans. We have audio from the incident that is shocking the nation. The UAW has an agreement with GM, but employees at Mack Trucks are now on strike. Social Security checks are getting bigger, thanks to the Democrats from 1975. Plus teachers are on strike in Chicago, here is why. Listen to LaGrange on Gerod's show here. Listen to LaGrange with Will C, On the Board Sports here.


Trump's Plan to Destroy Federal Unions

On this week's show, we have a leaked memo on Trump's plan to destroy federal unions as he orders agencies to follow his anti-union executive order. In 2016 West Virginia repealed their prevailing wage law and the results are in for how bad that turned out. We explain Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro's plan to strengthen collective bargaining and AT&T is under attack from a vulture capitalist.