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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.

UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.
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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.








Delta Sucks & Problems at Facebook and the AFL-CIO

Plus wage and benefit victories from state to state and how to get an Alabama abortion.


Guns in Schools with AFT's Randi Weingarten

Congressman Tim Ryan goes bananas on the House floor over mass job loss in Ohio, but wait is the new GM deal another Trump long con like Foxconn? We discuss a dumb and "dangerous" law that would arm teachers. Should they be armed? AFT's Randi Weingarten calls in to discuss. Find out how unions are changing their approach to Presidential endorsements and staff at the Social Security Administration is shitting themselves as Trump goes after their workplace rights. We get labor lawyer Matthew...


Jobs that Pay, Jobs that Kill, NAFTA and Strip Clubs

Harris hops on the banning Right to Work train- welcome aboard Kamala! Trump went crazy over our nation's firefighters backing Uncle Joe for President We got the list of the worst places to work and our country's most dangerous jobs. Plus why keep NAFTA? What Green jobs pay the most? and how horny is Tefere Gebre?


Butts, Boobs, Bernie, and Becky

Becky Friedrichs is on tour trying to sell her shitty book about union busting, but no one is showing up. We found out this week that Bernie has joined the 1%, but does anyone really care? Plus we have some audio from the Stop and Shop strike in New England, we ask is there a double standard for teachers, especially female ones, and Beto talks pot and clean energy.


Hot Nurses, Babbling Bernie Sanders and Windmill Cancer

Feeling the Bern yet? Sanders proposes a swift change to national labor law while skipping out on the Building Trades Legislative pow wow in DC. Prevailing wage legislation failed to pass in New York we find out why. Hot nurses get a good union deal in the big apple, the 6 warning signs that you may have windmill cancer, and a list of progressive podcasts and shows according to the AFL-CIO


Raising the wage at Google & in New Hampshire, and kicking the Schiff out of Trump

On this week's show we look at the pro's and con's of comment sections on news sites, Google's $15 minimum wage -is it a union avoidance scheme? Trump is scared Schiff-less, find out why Beto O'Rourke kicks off his Presidential campaign, the Mets are playing this afternoon after finishing a game in Miami last night-are these guys overworked? Plus we promote the AFL-CIO's podcast and the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive.


Mueller Gave Us a gift, Texas AFL fights 1099's & Janus Hurts AFSCME

Calm down with Mueller Report, forget Barr because justice has not been served just yet. We get the Texas AFL-CIO on the phone to talk about how Silicon Valley is trying to push around the Lone Star State, Ed Sills will be calling in, he will also explain what SB 15 is. Trump's Janus took over 6% of public employee unions and does anyone believe that Mickey D's will raise their wages? I sure don't. Plus it's Opening Day! Let's Go Met's and the Sweet 16 is here and LaGrange's bracket is...


Donna Brazile on Fox News, Beto Backs Teachers, and Trout Gets Paid

Plus we go over a bill in Kansas designed to defund organized labor and we take a look at who LaGrange thinks is going to win the NCAA Tournament


Beto Runs, Trump's Budget Sucks, and Explaining Right to Work

Plus we ask why Trump is asking railroad and airline employees to decertify their unions, we pick favorites for the NCAA Tournament, we look at the benefits of the job-creating New York Film Tax Credit, and exclusive backroom details on the Building Trades relationship with Related, our nation's largest real estate developer.


Pervy College Prof Sues Union & #CountMeIn is Pissed

Plus we discuss what union(s) are qualified to organize the workforce at Amazon and ICE is up to their dirty tricks again, this time trying to deport a building porter anda few unions are trying to help out. We also remember Ted Lindsay, who battled with management and helped form the NHLPA and find out why Southwest Airlines sucks and is putting passengers at risk. Make sure to hit the Subscribe button to stay up to date on future episodes.


Ironworkers Cross the Line and the National Red Flag Gun Bill

Dan McCool calls in to talk about his group Blue Revolution, please join his Facebook group and give them money by clicking here. Jimmy bothers us through the entire show, Donny explains card check and the difficulty of call center work. We also talked a little sports as Spring Training has kicked off and Bob calls in to defend crazy little kids. All of this and more on the World Famous UCOMM Live.


Senate: National Right to Work Law, Beto on Oprah and Florida Trump Stories

Senator Rand Paul with the help of Donald Trump introduces a National Right to Work law- orange face has said he will sign it- thank the heaven for a blue house. Number of union households in the United States stays steady- we explain why it may look like its declined I got some Trump stories from my family vacation in Florida Beto was on Oprah and should the Academy Awards just cease to exist?


Amazon Pulls Out...On Valentine's Day

On this week's show, we talked about Beto O'Rourke out mobilizing Trump in El Paso Texas, we talk to Nate Lerner from Draft Beto about it. How calls are making a difference on the For the People Act Denver Teachers reach a deal, we talk to Flash Fernec about it and on St. Valentine's Day Amazon pulls out... of building its HQ in NYC and guess who is afraid of BBC's- Drunken Trump Guys.


Ross Schultz for President and Owing Taxes Because of Trump

GM gets it balls kicked in by UNIFOR on Canadian TV during the Super Bowl. Schultz says unions aren't the answer as he tries to run for President. Trump's long con tax return backfires on his base. Amazon not playing nice in NYC and good news construction deaths are down.


Superbowl and 2020 Predictions

Denver is high on drugs-deporting striking teachers and Understanding New York's red flag bill. We get audience interaction on both. Plus Trump busts another federal union, remember you voted for him, our predictions for Sunday's Super Bowl, and we talk about the 2020 Democratic hopefuls.


Trump's MAGA Kids, Guns and Scabby the Rat

This week's topics include: The Covington Catholic MAGA Kids and their shitty racist parents. Trump's labor board is trying to make the inflatable rat illegal. Gun sales are down, and we will get the reason why. Mitch now owns this shutdown. Call his office and tell him to re-open the government. Senate Switchboard: (202) 224-3121


Should the TSA go on Strike?

Teachers make a stand in Los Angeles and we ask should TSA agents walk out. Dems want to raise the federal minimum wage to $15, should Congress not get paid during the shutdown? Plus audio from Snoop Dog calling Trump a motherf$%ker and my lobbyist friend calls in to talk me out of blowing up Gillibrand's spot. If you like the podcast make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button and leave us a comment.


Beto, The Border Wall and People Hurt by the Shutdown

What states are raising their minimum wage this year? We got the list! We speak to real people who are affected by Trump's unnecessary lockout. UCOMM Poll results on this stupid border wall idea and on boycotting Trump's silly national address. Some union organizing victories and Beto O'Rourke 2020 -should he be the new leader this nation so desperately needs. Make sure to hit the subscribe button to stay up-to-date with future shows.


Christmas Show 2018: Trump Kills an Immigrant

Trump had the Russians target black voters who told them to stay home in the 2016 election, 7 year old dies of dehydration in Trump's concentration camp in New Mexico. People are knocking on doors urging teachers to leave their union and Governor Cuomo sends a stern warning to Spectrum Cable Corporation in NYC. Plus, a strike is looming at Slate, Walmart and Target are selling poisonous toys and we figure out who is a millennial, Gen Xers, and Traditionalists. Make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE...


Cohen Does Trump's Dirty Work and Gifts Teachers Hate

The long-term effects of Trump are being felt with an upcoming case that SCOTUS could hear that challenges a union's right to collective bargaining. Thanks to the Russians running ads on Facebook for Trump, Facebook stopped UCOMM from advertising, find out why and what can be done to stop tech monopolies. We also give a list of what not to give your teachers for Christmas and handpick the worst prisons in the nation that Cohen should visit. Make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE if you like the show to...