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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.

UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.
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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.








Who's Responsible for Hard Rock Collapse and Chicago Teachers on Strike

On this week's show, we get into how ABC contractors are murdering construction workers in New Orleans. We have audio from the incident that is shocking the nation. The UAW has an agreement with GM, but employees at Mack Trucks are now on strike. Social Security checks are getting bigger, thanks to the Democrats from 1975. Plus teachers are on strike in Chicago, here is why. Listen to LaGrange on Gerod's show here. Listen to LaGrange with Will C, On the Board Sports here.


Trump's Plan to Destroy Federal Unions

On this week's show, we have a leaked memo on Trump's plan to destroy federal unions as he orders agencies to follow his anti-union executive order. In 2016 West Virginia repealed their prevailing wage law and the results are in for how bad that turned out. We explain Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro's plan to strengthen collective bargaining and AT&T is under attack from a vulture capitalist.


Callaway Fired, GM Strike Continues and Tesla Busts Union

The GM Strike is in its third week, the UAW starts to pay out strike benefits while plants in Mexico begin to close. Tesla gets caught union-busting and so does a Mentos plant in Bangladesh. They even had kids as young of 12 working there. Unions are calling on Congress to pass the PRO Act and Senator Sherrod Brown wants to create a system to protect workers who lose their jobs due to automation. Plus we have Will C in from On the Board Sports to talk about Mickey Callaway getting fired,...


Understanding Impeachment Process

Trump is trying to cut funding for school lunches, leaving half a million kids hungry at school. Nerds who work for a Google contractors have organized with the Steelworkers union, we take a look at what their issues are. Chicago teachers are preparing to strike after the City refused to give them a fair contract that helps their lowest-paid employees. Trump is trying to take away collective bargaining rights for Graduate students, we look at why these students need the right to join a...


Why this UAW/GM Strike is Different from all Others

Plus LaGrange calls JR Baker a UAW Leader in Western New York, experienced striker Don Dunn of the CWA calls in, and thank you to Local 3 member Robert Morano who was our UCOMM Live $200 winner. Robert decided to donate his winnings to the Local 3 Spectrum Strike fund.


SharpieGate, The Weatherman, and our New App Drug Hub

Plus we have an interview with the AFL-CIO's Liz Schuler. She talks to us at the NYC Labor Day Parade. We remember 9/11 with Local 3 IBEW's Business Manager Chris Erikson. Lenny is back to talk about the opioid crisis and some of the great work he did this past week volunteering in Philly. We look at how the NLRB has lost its way under Trump, his obsession with a weather map, and the 10,000 jobs that were lost because of his trade war.


Trump Attacks Unions & His Supporters Vandalize UCOMM

Are union leaders getting younger? Panelist Cordelia Anthony was profiled by a local newspaper about this, so we take a look. Labor Day just passed and Trump sent out his annual Labor Day tweet attacking the AFL-CIO, unions, and Trumka, who wasn't the only one attacked over the weekend. That's right, UCOMM was vandalized and we have opened an investigation into who we think did it. Plus Antonio Brown got himself suspended, the Packers are playing the Bears, and we ask are the Mets for real?


Marching on Mississippi and is NRA Code for Small ...?

On this week's show, we have audio from LaGrange on America's Workforce Radio in Ohio and we are joined by Chris Garlock, the host of Union City radio in Washington DC. NLRB charges have been filed against Barstool Sports, what does that mean for the company? The Freedom Foundation hires a terrorist to run their Oregon chapter, Antonio Brown is back on the field and wearing his helmet, the Mets are still in the Wild Card chase, and could Carli Lloyd become the first female to play in the...


Starting a Fight with Barstool Sports

On this week's show we call out Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports for threatening his staff if they attempt to organize, Dave is scared of us. Our intern Sarker explains why there aren't more Muslim's in the workforce, he has some interesting ideas. Antonio Brown was the big signing by the Raiders, but he isn't playing because he refuses to wear his PPE's. Chris Cuomo is in hot water after he was verbally attacked by a MAGA head. We have the audio of Cuomo standing up for himself.


What Can be Done About these ICE Raids?

The Governor of Massachusetts vetoes a popular bill that would protect employees right to have a voice at work, ICE conducts their biggest workplace raid ever, Democratic candidate Jay Inslee talks green, union jobs, Rich Trumka warns the Democratic Party not to take its base for granted, what to do when a boss bargains in the press and the Mets are only one game out of the wildcard. All this and more on this week's UCOMM Live.


Problems for Miners, Gamers and Sanders (Getting Punched)

Also, we chat up Mayor Pete going after bad employers, the New York Mets great trade deals, good jobs coming from the US Senate Energy Bill, and the show gets a lady's touch.


Racists on the Radio, in the White House and at the Border

We are back after a short summer vacation in which our producer James got married and LaGrange headed to Jamacia. On the show, we discuss the racists over at WOR 710, find out what they had to say about AOC and about the kids who are being kept in cages at the border. In our Trump talk, his NLRB wants to allow employers to file for decertification elections and they want to deflate the rats you see at union protests. We dive into what going on and who's behind it. Plus a Trump...


Angry Umps, Trumka's Town Hall, and Toxic Coal Fire Pizza

Plus George was polled, he calls in. Brooklyn's Tony Barone talks up CWA's Call Center Bill, the one in New York passed last night. Farmworkers in New York are now allowed to organize and only have to work 60 hours a week before they can get overtime. Plus Uber and Lyft drivers want the state to reclassify them so they can join a union. Did you see Manny Machado getting tossed from the game against the Rockies? The umps sure did and they aren't happy about the one game suspension Machado...


Why Young People Hate Old People and the #USWNT

Plus can cafeteria workers cancel your flight, we remember Harvey Milk and what he did for the Coors Boycott during Pride Month, the origins of the Facebook and Google anti-trust case, stupid $hit Trump is doing and who shot Big Papi.


Is the "Trump's Not My President" argument divisive?

As Kris and Donny were arguing the same point on immigration we also talked about protestors getting locked up in New York's state capitol over housing costs, West Virginia tries to take away educators right to strike-will the Governor sign the bill? We also look at how Trump's tariffs will hurt the poor, TWU's President promises that there will blood in a strike against American Airlines, and the US Senate wants answers on Volkswagen's illegal employer retaliation tactics. Make sure to hit...


Top 3 things to talk about this Memorial Day weekend and how to be UCOMM’s Chauffer

Kamala Harris’ Gender Pay equity plan. Should 18-year old’s get to drive tractor trailers? Do we stop trading with the Philippine’s? Constructions standards hit rock bottom in West Virginia. Beto O’Rourke talks union on CNN. What it takes to be Kris LaGrange’s chauffeur and the top 3 things to talk about this Memorial Day weekend. Plus in Sports, should the Met’s fire Mickey Callaway and in Entertainment, the impact of TV shows All in the Family and the Jefferson’s on American race relations.


Delta Sucks & Problems at Facebook and the AFL-CIO

Plus wage and benefit victories from state to state and how to get an Alabama abortion.


Guns in Schools with AFT's Randi Weingarten

Congressman Tim Ryan goes bananas on the House floor over mass job loss in Ohio, but wait is the new GM deal another Trump long con like Foxconn? We discuss a dumb and "dangerous" law that would arm teachers. Should they be armed? AFT's Randi Weingarten calls in to discuss. Find out how unions are changing their approach to Presidential endorsements and staff at the Social Security Administration is shitting themselves as Trump goes after their workplace rights. We get labor lawyer Matthew...


Jobs that Pay, Jobs that Kill, NAFTA and Strip Clubs

Harris hops on the banning Right to Work train- welcome aboard Kamala! Trump went crazy over our nation's firefighters backing Uncle Joe for President We got the list of the worst places to work and our country's most dangerous jobs. Plus why keep NAFTA? What Green jobs pay the most? and how horny is Tefere Gebre?


Butts, Boobs, Bernie, and Becky

Becky Friedrichs is on tour trying to sell her shitty book about union busting, but no one is showing up. We found out this week that Bernie has joined the 1%, but does anyone really care? Plus we have some audio from the Stop and Shop strike in New England, we ask is there a double standard for teachers, especially female ones, and Beto talks pot and clean energy.