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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.

UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.


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UCOMM Live is a fast and funny show about today's union news, politics, sports, and entertainment.








Bargaining Wins at Con Ed NYC

Jimmy Shillitto calls in to discuss their new contract at Con Ed. Is Trump telling the National Guard to not bargain in good faith? Chris Searcy calls in to talk about it. Mary Vines of UFCW Local 400 calls in to tell us about how Tyson's Chicken wasn't providing PPE for their members, but her unions work seems to have fixed the issue. Seattle labor kicks out their cop union, workforces are nervous about COVID-19 in Vegas and Orlando, Trump calls VA workers thieves and baseball is here!


The Systemic Issues within AFSCME

Local Union President Colin Maycock calls in to talk about some transparency issues his Local is having with their AFSCME Council amid constant threats from the Freedom Foundation. AFSCME did not respond to comment leading us to believe that soft corruption does exist. Also calling in is Brandon Patterson, an up and coming politico in Staten Island. He is Labor's candidate for NYS Assembly. According to Gallup Americans are not proud to be Americans so we look at why that might be plus we...


Heroes Act Can Unite the Nation

Vinny Alvarez, the President of the New York Central Labor Council, calls in to talk about the Heroes Act and how it can unite the nation. The AFL-CIO decides not to kick out police unions from the national federation. The AFL-CIO also passed a resolution this week calling on the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to resign. 1.5 million public employees are laid off thanks to COVID-19 and the MLB Commissioner is promising there will baseball in 2020.


Protesting Police: Act of Patriotism

On this week's show, we have AFL-CIO Veterans Council Executive Director Will Attig calls in to talk about his call for Defense Secretary Mark Esper to resign after Trump ordered National Guard troops to fire teargas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors. Bonnie Sulton, a Criminal Justice Policy expert calls in to talk about the ongoing protests surrounding the death of George Floyd and what can be done to stop it. Brandon Parker of the NFLPA comes on to talk about the NFLPA's Community...


Frontline Minneapolis: An Activist Reports In

Loretta VanPelt, a teacher in Minneapolis, reports in from the protests in her city over the police killing of George Floyd. She lets us know about the lack of accountability from the Mayor, the County Attorney, and the police union President. Plus the AFL-CIO endorses former Vice President Joe Biden, we look at why Trump flags and union logos don't mix, and the MLB Players refuse to accept 80% cuts from their billionaire owners.


How to Stop a Carpenter Raid

On this week's show we have Frank Jacobs, the Business Manager of IBEW Local 1 in St. Louis on a campaign to stop the raids from the Carpenters union. We also have the New Jersey Department of Labor Commissioner Robert Angelo on the job losses in the state and what the Garden State is doing about. Plus the Freedom Foundation is going after union firefighters, the Chicago Police union elects a madman and Howard Stern speaks out against Trump


How New York Will Save the Nation

Ed Sills of the Texas AFL-CIO calls in to let us know what workers in Texas are doing as the state reopens. A Vice President at Amazon is quitting over the company's union-busting activities, polls show Americans want financial help for the US Postal Service, and Trump's trade war with China has sent more jobs to Mexico.


Actor Harold Phillips and McConnell not Paying Police

On this week's show we have Harold Phillips, an actor who was on Grimm and Leverage. He is talking to us about SAG-AFTRA, the Labor Radio Network, and May Day job actions. We also have Chris Erikson Jr, of Local 3 IBEW talking about the 7 PM salute. Senator Mitch McConnell wants blue states to declare bankruptcy so that cops and teachers don't get paid. Plus LaGrange has some thoughts on Trumpers.


Some Good News / A Sleepover at Work

Comedian Vic DiBitetto goes on a rant about people not adhering to social distancing and stay at home orders, IBEW members are having a sleepover at their power plants, unions are coming to the rescue and stepping up during the pandemic. Of course, employers aren't and instead, they are lobbying Congress to protect them from sick workers. Plus LaGrange thinks the Packers are getting Joe Burrow in the NFL Draft, are they trading up or is Burrow's about to have the worst day ever?


A Union Boom after COVID-19

Glen Casey calls in to talk about NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Steve LeVine of Medium calls in to talk about how America is about to witness a huge growth of unions following the outbreak and Dan calls in to talk about his Thank You to Bernie Sanders. Plus grocery store workers are dying and will we have baseball this year?


Heroes Transporting Heroes

Long Island Railroad President Phil Eng calls in to praise the workers of the nation's largest commuter rail line as the work to transport healthcare workers into the epicenter of the pandemic. There are also companies stepping up to help the United States meet their PPE needs, Local 3 IBEW prepares for the long game, and Trump wants you to decertify your union.


Hope because of Teachers, Delivery, and Doctors

Dr. Mancuso calls in to talk about COVID-19. Multiple teachers union leaders call in to discuss Governor Cuomo's Executive Order about Spring Break and talk about the role that their members are playing in stopping the spread. Amazon is firing workers after a walkout, Hobby Lobby is firing workers by email, and union grocery store workers are getting hazard pay.


Q&A with NFL Players Union and Who is Deemed Essential

NFL PA President JC Tretter calls into this week's show to talk about taking over the union, their new contract, and what led him to lead the union. With everyone working from home, some interesting groups have been called on to step up and work during these trying times. We take a look at who has been deemed essential.


Getting Coronavirus with No Paid Sick Leave

This week's show is all about coronavirus. We take a look at changes that unions negotiated including teachers unions shutting down schools across the nation, the UAW convinced the Big Three Automakers to close their factories for the rest of the month, and the CWA bargained new benefits for their workforce. There are also things you can do to support workers. Find out what you can do.


Coronavirus Stories and Praising Bloomberg 2020

Albertsons and Safeway threatened a strike over pension benefits and won. Now the company is paying $575 Million to sure up the pension fund. Congress passes a bill to give TSA employees bargaining rights, while other federal unions pressure Trump to allow more telework because of the Coronavirus. We also look at Mike Bloomberg's run for President and talk about what he brought to the race. Flordia wants to allow employers to decide who gets to join the union and an investigation reveals...


Medicare for All or Keep What You Got?

On this week's show we have on a medical doctor to talk about his experience with Medicare vs. private insurance and to give us advice on the coronavirus. LaGrange talks about his love of Public Enemy and we talk about their very public spat. Plus the SEIU is spending $150 M to beat Trump in 2020 and Donny calls out LaGrange over his baseball knowledge.


How we can all Relate to the NFLPA Contract Battle

On this week's show we take a look at the CBA between the NFL and the NFL PA and have some audio from The Pat McAfee Show. We ask is Pat right about the union keeping quiet on the deal? Teachers in New York are fighting for foundation aid, which is money that they are owed from the state. Find out why it is important and what states like New York so to make it tougher to adequately fund our schools. The Communications Workers of America (CWA) have put Democrats who voted against the PRO...


The Big Union Fight Over Medicare for All

Plus should we fire Will C for sleeping with Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports? Congress passes the PRO Act, American Factory wins an Oscar, Trump is banning unions at the Department of Defense, and we have audio from the campaign trail.


Trump Exit: Will Liberals Leave if he is Re-Elected?

Christopher Dale calls in to talk about whether liberals will leave the country if Trump is re-elected. Trump is also at it again, this time hiring union-busters to oversee the agency that is in charge of regulating unions. The IBEW has endorsed Joe Biden, a good idea? Let us know in the comments below. Plus we have the 12 CEO's we hope get CoronaVirus (we are just kidding our prayers are with everyone who is sick), we ask the listeners who they think we should interview at the New...


Kobe, Cleaning Up the UAW and the Super Bowl

Remembering Kobe, Will C has some reflections, Trump is going out of his way to privatize the Post Office, Illinois wants to ban Right to Work, Amazon employees are protesting climate change, Schneck talks about his efforts to take the UAW back for the members, Trump bans impeachment talk, and we have bets on the Iowa Caucus and the Super Bowl.