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A multiracial mix of queer writers talk about sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read. It's not about food — we just really like the pun.

A multiracial mix of queer writers talk about sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read. It's not about food — we just really like the pun.


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A multiracial mix of queer writers talk about sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read. It's not about food — we just really like the pun.





SURPRISE!! Ur favorite Hot Thotties couldn't leave you in the quarantine lurch! We're back, and from a safe distance we're as raucous, as nasty, and as Thotful as we've always been. We check-in with ourselves and each other, and as usual, we keep our promise to fill your earholes. We start by bleaching ur assholes with an all new edition of SRSL, you get a much needed visit from Joe O the Science Hoe, and for dessert we keep our promise to make you feel oh so very very good. SHOW NOTES:...


Zaddy Can You Hear Me?

It's Sunday morning Thots, and today we're worshipping at the church of Zaddy! But like any good Zaddy, we flip the script on you! Are we Zaddies? Have we ever felt like Zaddies? And what's behind the queer obsession with the Zaddy archetype? We ask all the questions, and Zaddy gives all the answers. The girls get it going with zaddy-licious edition of Swipe Right Swipe Left, Dennis introduces you to a new Thot U Should Know, and for dessert we say thank u, next, on the runway. SHOW NOTES:...


Pete Ain't Gay

This week we dish about centrism! Is civil discourse the way we move forward or does it simply ignore the cries of those most marginalized? In such trying times, how do we ensure that the revolution is televised?? We cream your bagels with a special edition of NeverHave I Ever, y’all give a penny for our thots, and for dessert... SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode: Troll us on Facebook: DM us on Insta:...


Hoetry in Motion

This week we devote a full-episode to our favorite literary practice of all: HOETRY! We talk about what poems mean to us as readers, writers, thinkers, and sluts. As brown three brown queers and one rainbow brite, we ask whether poetry is intended for access, or elitism, and we reform everything into our image. We sharpen your pencils with a special edition of Thot Classic Top Secret, Tommy dazzles us with a toe-tally scintillating Pacific North West Impure Thor, and for dessert this diesel...


Wuts Luv Got 2 Do With It?

Love is in the air! Today we're continuing our conversation on love — how vast it is, how intimate, how fun, and how painful! This week we queer our love and explore the complications and the ways our queer feelings make us both different and unique, and yet, human just like anybody else! We butter your muffins with another rendition of our Thot Newlywed game, Joe O the Science Hoe drops some Heauxly knowledge, and for dessert its axels and toe-loops and laybacks, oh my! SHOW NOTES:...


Popcorn is Gay Corn

Pop pop pop! We're back and because we can't make tough choices, we're back with another popcorn episode, in which we lightning round discuss five spectacular topics! We take it all the way from tarot to jealousy and back again! We grease your poles with our homo-classic Homonym, Joe blesses us with an Impure Thot, and for dessert we will always love you! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode: Troll us on Facebook:...


But Does it Spark Joy?

This week we're on TOUR! We trynna have you singing "Joy to the world, the Thots have cum!" We go everywhere in this discussion, from what sparks joy and what doesn't, to the fear that sometimes keeps our joy from us, the big and little ways we find joy in our everyday lives! we get it going at The Bell House with a New York rendition of our Thot Classic Swipe Right, Swipe Left, these trash ass heaux answer your questions, and for dessert we taste some delicious Canadian Bacon! SHOW NOTES:...


Happy Heauxlidays!

Heaux, Heaux Heaux, Binches! The holidays are here and we're talking mistletoe and Mistle-Hoes! Are you celebrating the holidays or are you coping your way through them? Can we, as queer folk, go fully homo for the holidays when we go home, or is home too sacred for our fullest Thotty selves? We hang your mistletoe with a heaux-li-day rendition of Homonym, Dennis blesses you with A Thotty X-mas Story about a hanging chad, and for dessert we get a little monstrous. SHOW NOTES:...


What's Ur Safe Word?

Sunday, Funday!! Ur fave Thots are back and better than ever, and this week we're talking about safe spaces! Where and when do we feel most safe and what do we get from these spaces? How do you determine your safe space and how do you make these spaces safer for everyone around you? We take you all the way back with our Thot Throwback, Gay Bar or Steakhouse, y'all give us Pennies 4 our Thots, and for dessert we take it One Day at a Time. SHOW NOTES: Live tweet...


Werkin' 9 to 5

Rihanna told us to work work work work work, and babyyyyy we are WERKIN' GIRLS! This week we're talking about jobs and careers, decisions made and steps taken! Are we millennially lazy, stuck-up, or do we just have standards? And how do we, and should we even, plan for a future when the world is a literal garbage fire? We collect your coin with our pale classic Sounds About Whhhhhhite, Joe introduces us to a Thot we Should Know (Melissa Febos!), and for dessert we encourage you to step up!...


Let's Talk About Death, Baby!

It's Sunday and your favorite Thots talk about that nasty thirst, that hardcore thirst, that deadly thirst! From our own personal philosophies around loss and eventual demise, to where we were when we learned about iconic deaths, we have a killer discussion and invite The Rock to break our necks between his rock-hard thighs. We snap your wishbones with a sexy edition of our Thot classic Bone, Block, Bench, we talk about a few dead things, and for dessert we use our green thumbs on you! SHOW...


Are You Committed to This Podcast?

It's cuffing season, and while ur Thots love a good cuff, this week we're talking about commitment! Are we fearless or fearful? When should we bend over and commit to that baby-arm, and when should we side-step that trap? And how far can we go in our re-imagining of commitment so that it also includes liberation? We raise the stakes with our live show classic To Tweet or not to Tweet, we give you our trashiest, Thottiest advice yet, and for dessert we can confirm the hustle is real! SHOW...


Bet Yr Bottom Dollar🤑🤑🤑🤑

This Sunday we write you a check you can cash! The Thots are talking dollars and cents, capitalism and car payments! We give you our best tips and reveal our best decisions and our biggest, Thottiest, most costly, mistakes! We sprinkle your donuts with our Thot fave Homo-nym, Teebs takes us *over* the threshold, and for dessert we reminisce about the summer of the claw. SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode: Troll us on Facebook:...


Turns Out I’m 100% That Witch

Candy and costumes and gutter-sluttery, oh my! It's ookie-spooky time and we Thots wanna carve your pumpkins! We discuss costumes and spirits, masks and mystery, and what we unleash when we adorn ourselves in costumes and masks, and open ourselves and bodies to our best and worst spirits! We jack *your* lanterns with a Hallows Eve edition of Swipe Right, Swipe Left, we offer medically sound 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions, and for dessert embrace our inner basic binch! SHOW NOTES:...


Boo, Binch!

We're here, we're queer, and we're talking about the worldwide phenomenon of ghosting! When have you ghosted, or been ghosted, and what was behind the ghosting? Is it fair and viable, or is it an instance of popularized emotional abuse? We race your Scandinavian Swimmers to the end of the universe with Thot Classique Swipe Right, Swipe Left — Ghost Edition, we elevate your minds with a lil Penny 4 Ur Thots, and for dessert we beat around the bush! SHOW NOTES:


This Is Why You Don't Fuck Writers

It's Sunday, girls, and your Thots are back with a little extra-Thotty service. We turn inward, and consider the ethics of writing about exes and mining our personal lives for our art! Do we tell the tuth, embellish, or conceal? And if we protect, who are we protecting: our selves, our lovers, our art, or D — all of the above? We get it going by pouring one out for each other, we gift you some second thots, and for dessert we go a lil Whora-the-Explora! SHOW NOTES:...


Stay mad 😡

Dearest Thot Pockets, we're back and this time we're talking about anger! Righteous, Queer, political, we tell you all about what gets our fists up and our blood boiling! Do we own our anger or do we hide behind it? We tell you how *not* to shoot your shots, Joe uses the word fisticuffs in Portland, and for dessert we say a lil prayer for our Beloved. SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode: Troll us on Facebook:


We're Totally Asking For It

The Thots are back to bless your Sunday with Part 2 of our conversation on consent! We take it beyond the bar and into the bedroom where we chat about setting up boundaries and saying Yes. We wanna know: Do you like it rough, or easy like Sunday morning? We fluff your nutters with a slutty new game called Hello Dolly!, we get a taste of Joe O the Literary Hoe, and for dessert these non-daddies sing a lil diddy! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode:...


We’re Back, Fam!

Ring, ring, Thots! School's back in session, and to celebrate being back together, we say yes to each other! We pay tribute to queer chosen fam, how they shape us and our lives, and why they are sometimes the best fam there is! We butter your bagels with a spanking new rendition of Swipe Right, Swipe Left, Dennis rides 'til they can't ride no more, and for dessert we tell you about a brand new fave! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode:


The Future is Gay as Hell

In this week's episode, we turn our Thotty gazes to the future! As we put season 3 to rest, we ask ourselves the hard questions: what do we want, and when do we want it? Do we think about our futures or do we focus on the present? And who, and what, are we working toward? We take our first steps with our classic Swipe Right, Swipe Left, we lube you up with audience Impure Thots, and for dessert we say thank you so much, bbs! SHOW NOTES: Live tweet the episode:...