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The Final Show

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Dog training - David Sleeper

David Sleeper is a dog trainer, writer, and philosopher. We spoke a few months back in an abandoned air force base in the high desert of West Texas about David Sleeper’s new book: Imprinting Morality in dogs and humans. Sleeper hopes to have his website i-am-paradox.com live by the end of the week. Learn more about Steve Ray Media here.


Play by the rules Steve

Steve considers money, weather, and the future of podcasting. Sign up for the newsletter EVERYONE is talking about at FarmingGod.org


Farming god in the Deep North

The Deep North podcast has launched. On computer> http://deepnorthpodcast.com/ On iPhone> https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/deep-north/id1357648245?ls=1 But Farming god isn't going anywhere. Stay tuned. Jay Walljasper (author of The Great Neighborhood Book) and Alexandra Connett (Minneapolis transplant) make a case for a city beyond cows, cold, and camp snoopy. Before moving to Minneapolis, Alexandra had no expectations for Minnesota, "Everyone was asking me why I was moving to the...


Halfway to Fargo

Music by: Paul Spring https://paulspring.bandcamp.com/ Paintings by: Sophia http://sophiaheymans.com/ Recipe developed by: https://farminggod.org/


A Christmas Story

A historical Christmas story featuring everyone’s favorite deer. Stay informed at https://farminggod.org/ Long before the historical Jesus and Black Friday, stories held special significance during this part of the year, the darkest days of winter, the solstice, a time to celebrate the coming of light. In the 4th century Pope Julius I declared that the 25th of December be the celebration of Jesus’s birth. The timing worked nicely for evangelists, presumably making the pagan to christian...


Nonviolent Sabotage - Dakota Access Pipeline

Ruby and Jessica drill holes in the Dakota access pipeline. After limited success in public hearings, encampments, petitions, marches, and rallies, the two admitted to non violent sabotage. In this episode, the two speak publicly about the success they experienced during their 8-month long property destruction campaign, including the piercing of empty & exposed DAPL pipeline valves, as well as setting fire to pipeline machinery. Since coming forward, their home has been raided by the FBI,...


Russian Revolution

Russians in rural Wisconsin- celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution. What did this revolutionary era mean to the people of 20th century Russia? And what does it mean to you and I as we pursue happiness in the land of the free? Former episodes featuring rural Wisconsin ‘Ice age trail’, ‘Cardinal Directions’, and ‘Silicon Valley Fox’ Russian Revolution 1905-1921 By Dr. Mark Steinberg Country strummin’ by Chip The rest of the the spectacular music by members of the...


Undesirables of Minneapolis

Nuns, walkers, bikers, protesters, recreational philosophers, river people feat. Minneapolis and the Mississippi River Music by Steve


About me

It’s all about me. My name is Steve Ray and my favorite color is blue Sailing across the Atlantic documentary Artists and songs in order of appearance: Boston: Rockin Roll Band Boston: More than a feeling Chip and Isak Avett Brothers: Please Pardon Yourself Avett Brothers: Life Mapei: Don’t Wait Father John Misty: Bored in the USA Father John Misty: Well, you can do it without me Father John Misty: Leaving L.A. Paul Spring: Take Another Moment Music used in this episode is...


Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair, "The great Minnesota get together" Studio music by Brian Thavis


Silicon Valley Fox

The sly ghost of Menlo Park slinks cross country to Wisconsin This episode contains harsh language Thanks to Adam, Gretchen, Sam Music by Brian Travis More on Firewood Farming


Millennials and Climate Change (feat. The Boundary Waters)

I went camping in the boundary waters. The wilderness and conversations that filled my time lead me to consider climate change in a new way. This story includes a conversation on Naomi Klein’s 2014 book, This Changes Everything. Smoke signals at farminggod.org Music by Brian Travis Thank you Collin.


Yoga Retreat: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity Pt. 3

Eight months ago Brian Clark moved to Song of the Morning yoga retreat center in upper Michigan- an ideal space to live his contemplative vocation of meditation, consciousness, and creativity. Begin meditating: Because of my time at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat, I reestablished my contemplative practice (at least for now). If you are interested in beginning a contemplate practice, here are a few resources that were helpful for me along with a few books Brian...


Yoga Retreat Pt.2

A yoga retreat in America and the people figuring out what this means. Thanks to everyone at Song of the Morning Yoga Center. Smoke signals at farminggod.org


Yoga Retreat and Tamarack Trees Pt.1

A yoga retreat center, the McDonalds corporation, and the trees (deciduous and coniferous) that make sense of it all. Peter Block Community: The structure of belonging Music by Isak Sommer covering Elliot Smith Thanks to Dorothy and Song of the morning


Middle America etc.

Smoke signals on FarmingGod.org Traveling from one place to another and the space between


Bears don't kill beavers

Travel stories and that animals that see us


Wild Goose with The Liturgists

Science Mike and Michael Gungor of the Liturgists podcast help me wrestle with what Wild Goose Festival means for Christianity. Originally published after the 2016 Wild Goose Festival, we are joined by a host of authors and speakers who discuss topics ranging from transgender Christianity to support for recovering racists. This episode will undoubtably give you a peek into the slurry known as Wild Goose Festival, happening this weekend in Asheville, NC. If you want more episodes like this,...


Best of 2016 (Greatest Hits)

Smoke Signals at https://farminggod.org/ Poet Mirabai Starr, emergent post-pastor Rick Diamond, Christian Shaman Iris Bolton, professor and social activist Joerg and RoseMarie Rieger, Sunday morning dance church, and a visit to Christian China. Episodes in order of appearance: Meditation Part 1 and 2Beyond ActivismChristian Shaman Iris Bolton Alternative Worship post-pastorDance ChurchChristian China and the end of times