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Your daily dose of all things NBA! The Hoops on Fox podcast gives you the BEST basketball conversations from Fox Sports including studio show interviews, special content from Chris Broussard, post game interviews from NBA stars around the league and much more!

Your daily dose of all things NBA! The Hoops on Fox podcast gives you the BEST basketball conversations from Fox Sports including studio show interviews, special content from Chris Broussard, post game interviews from NBA stars around the league and much more!


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Your daily dose of all things NBA! The Hoops on Fox podcast gives you the BEST basketball conversations from Fox Sports including studio show interviews, special content from Chris Broussard, post game interviews from NBA stars around the league and much more!





Full update on all the latest NBA Free Agency news!


Chris Broussard on Jimmy Butler, Enes Kanter, Ice Cube, and D'Angelo Russell

- Chris Broussard joins Undisputed to discuss the Houston Rockets' interest in Jimmy Butler. (1:00) - Enes Kanter joins Colin Cowherd on The Herd to talk about the Lakers, Zion Williamson, Kevin Durant, and more. (11:32) - Ice Cube joins Undisputed to comment on the Lakers, NBA free agency, and more. (22:29) - First Things First covers the possibility of D'Angelo Russell joining LeBron and AD in LA. (36:52) - Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss D'Angelo Russell's possible future on the...


Chris Broussard on KD's free agency decision, Mike Conley + the Jazz, Zion Williamson, Jimmy Butler, and more

-Chris Broussard joins Skip, Shannon, and Jen on Undisputed to discuss Kevin Durant’s free agency decision. (1:00) - Broussard talks about the trade that sent Mike Conley to the Jazz, and Utah’s chances in the West next year. (11:10) - Ahead of the NBA Draft, Cris Carter, Nick Wright, and Sarah Kustok analyze the expectations for Zion Williamson. (20:13) - Skip, Shannon, and Jen discuss whether Zion Williamson will be a superstar, a star, or just a starter for the Pelicans (29:53) - Cris...


Broussard on Kevin Durant's injury, Warriors/Raptors Game 6, Lakers + Anthony Davis, and more

- Chris Broussard joins Undisputed to discuss Kevin Durant’s injury. (1:00) - Can Kevin Durant return to MVP form after recovering from his torn Achilles? (10:36) - Skip and Shannon preview Game 6 of the NBA Finals (17:37) - Chris Mannix joins First Things First to discuss the Lakers’ attempt to land Anthony Davis. (30:02)


Chris Broussard on Steph Curry, Warriors/Raptors, resting NBA players like Kawhi Leonard, and more

- Broussard joins Undisputed to discuss whether Steph Curry should take the blame if the Warriors lose. (1:00) - Broussard talks to Colin Cowherd about resting star NBA players during the regular season, the NBA Finals, and more. (12:00) - How have the Raptors dominated the Warriors? (23:28) - Is Kevin Durant's return the Warriors' only hope? (32:37)


Broussard on the Knicks free agency hopes, Warriors/Raptors Game 4 preview, Kyrie Irving, and more

- Chris Broussard analyzes the Knicks' free agency hopes. - Skip and Shannon discuss whether Game 4 is a must-win for the Warriors? - Does Klay's return give the Warriors an edge over the Raptors despite KD's absence? - Do the Nets have a legitimate shot to steal Kyrie and Durant from the Knicks?


Chris Broussard on Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and more

- Chris Broussard recaps Game 3 of the NBA Finals. (00:52) - What does the Warriors’ loss prove about Steph Curry and Golden State? (13:31) - Skip and Shannon debate whether they’re more impressed by the Raptors or disappointed in the Warriors (22:21) - Chris Mannix breaks down the Warriors and Raptors even odds to win the NBA Finals (34:08) - Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd discuss Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis, and more. (49:29)


Chris Broussard previews Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Anthony Davis, LaVar Ball + Lakers, and more

- Chris Broussard discusses the pressure on Steph Curry in Game 3 of the Finals, the Warriors' injuries, and more. (0:56) - Can the Warriors overcome KD's absence and an injured Klay Thompson? (12:32) - Do the Raptors need more from Kawhi Leonard in order to upset the Warriors? (18:39) - LaVar Ball discusses the Lakers, Big Baller Brand, and more. (26:06) - Will the Lakers finally land Anthony Davis? (34:20)


Chris Broussard on Kevin Durant's injury, Warriors/Raptors Game 2, Kawhi Leonard, and more

- Chris Broussard discusses the Warriors' injuries, and how they might impact the NBA Finals. - Broussard talks about Game 2 of the Finals with Skip and Shannon on Undisputed. - Antoine Walker breaks down Andre Iguodala's late-game wide open 3-pointer. - Skip and Shannon analyze the Warriors/Raptors series. - What did Toronto do wrong in Game 2 of the Finals?


Broussard on Kawhi Leonard's free agency, Warriors/Raptors Game 1 recap, Kevin Durant

- Warriors/Raptors Game 1 recap - Chris Broussard breaks down Kawhi Leonard's free agency options. - What grade should Kawhi Leonard get for his Game 1 performance? - Colin Cowherd analyzes Game 1 of the Finals. - What impact will KD's return have on the Warriors/Raptors series?


Warriors/Raptors, Magic Johnson, De'Aaron Fox, and Metta World Peace

- Is it a bad idea for the Rockets to blow up their team? - What do the Raptors need to do to beat the Warriors? - Has Magic saga caused irreparable damage to the Lakers? - De’Aaron Fox talks about guarding Steph Curry, and his predictions for the 2019 NBA Finals. - Metta World Peace talks about the Warriors/Raptors series and the Lakers’ free agency situation.


Chris Broussard on Lakers' front office, Curry's legacy, NBA Finals

- Chris Broussard breaks down the situation in the Los Angeles Lakers' front office - Is it fair to say Kawhi Leonard carried the Raptors to their first ever Finals? - Does Steph Curry need to win a Finals MVP to cement his legacy? - Breakdown of the NBA Finals: Raptors vs. Warriors - Would Bradley Beal be a good fit with LeBron in LA?


Chris Broussard on KD twitter beef, NBA free agency, Lakers/LeBron

-Chris Broussard explains how his twitter beef with KD really went down. -Chris Mannix explains why LeBron needs to recruit this summer. -Where should the big name free agents land this summer? -Should Klay Thompson be upset at not making All-NBA?


Chris Broussard on his relationship with KD, Bucks/Raptors, KD free agency, Lakers/Magic

-Chris Broussard on his relationship with KD. -The Warriors swept the Blazers. -Could Magic Johnson's comments hurt the Lakers? -The Raptors tied the series at 2-2. -Where will KD end up this summer - the Knicks or Clippers?


Broussard on Magic's comments and the KD-less Warriors, Raptors/Bucks Game 3

-Is KD feuding with Steve Kerr? -The Lakers announced they will not be replacing Magic Johnson. -Chris Broussard examines Magic's new comments on the Lakers. -Are the Warriors favorites to win the championship even without KD? -Can the Raptors push the Bucks again and win Game 4 at home?


Broussard on Lakers acquiring AD/Kyrie and Giannis ruling the East, Warriors without KD

-Are the Warriors still championship contenders without KD? -Will Zion 100% go to the Pelicans? -Could Anthony Davis and Kyrie team up in LA with LeBron? -Will Giannis run the Eastern Conference for years to come?


Chris Broussard on AD + Zion, Stephen Jackson on trade possibilities, Skip on GS without KD

-Smart move if Zion refuses to play for the Pelicans? -Should Zion be enough to convince AD to stay? -Would AD be making a mistake forcing a trade out of New Orleans? -Did GS prove they'll cruise even without KD? -Did Raptors choke away the series?


Chris Broussard on LeBron/Simmons trade, Zion/Knicks, Stephen Jackson & Jason McIntyre Knockdown J

-Could the Lakers really trade LeBron for Ben Simmons? -Do the Warriors really need KD? -Stephen Jackson and Jason McIntyre breakdown the NBA's hottest topics. -Will the Knicks get the #1 and take Zion? -Trail Blazer vs Warriors Game 1 tonight.


Chris Broussard on Lakers new head coach and Rockets dismantled, Stephan Jackson on 76ers and Rockets future

-Will the Rockets have to rebuild after being beaten by the Warriors again? -What's next for the 76ers after another second round loss? -Will the Rockets make any big time moves this offseason? -The Lakers hired new head coach Frank Vogel over the weekend


Chris Broussard on KD injury and Lakers circus, Kyrie leaving Boston?

-Are the Warriors still favorites without KD? -Is Kyrie leaving the Celtics? -Where will the Lakers turn with Ty Lue turning down the head coaching job? -Do the 76ers need Embiid to be successful? -Should the Warriors be concerned with KD's injury?