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The Speak For Yourself podcast features the best discussions from the television show (weekdays at 3pm ET on FS1).

The Speak For Yourself podcast features the best discussions from the television show (weekdays at 3pm ET on FS1).


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The Speak For Yourself podcast features the best discussions from the television show (weekdays at 3pm ET on FS1).




Cam's celebrations, Rodgers + Love, Lakers without Dwight + Bradley, Antonio Brown

00:00 What’s your reaction to Boston radio’s commentary on Cam’s celebrations? 17:44 Will the Rodgers + Love storyline be a distraction in Green Bay all season? 30:28 Should Cam feel any added pressure replacing Brady? 37:15 Would the Lakers be in trouble without Dwight Howard? 44:52 Are workout videos helping or hurting Antonio Brown’s comeback chances?


Antonio Brown, Lamar Jackson, Cam Newton, Doug Pederson, NBA restart

00:00 Would Antonio Brown be a good fit for Brady’s Bucs? 13:45 Will Lamar Jackson take a step forward or backwards this season? 22:55 Is Cam Newton a lock to start Week 1 for the Patriots? 31:15 How high should Doug Pederson be ranked on a list of best NFL head coaches? 38:46 Adam Silver: NBA season on track but coronavirus spread in bubble may stop restart. 45:26 Uncle Jimmy joins


Cam Newton vs. Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, NBA's plans for social justice

00:00 Did you like Cam Newton’s ‘Hello New England’ YouTube video? 17:18 Is Cam an upgrade over Tom Brady right now? 29:37 Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated? 39:11 Ric Bucher joins to discuss the NBA’s plans for social justice moving forward. 47:08 Uncle Jimmy joins


Cam Newton's Patriots, Colin Kaepernick, Bill Belichick, Clippers/Lakers

00:00 Are Cam’s Patriots a real threat to the Chiefs? 17:37 Will Colin Kaepernick be on a team this season? 28:10 Can Cam and Bill Belichick coexist? 36:03 Is it smart to restart the NBA season with a Clippers/Lakers matchup? 44:37 Uncle Jimmy joins


Brady's workouts, Lamar's long-term health, Aaron Rodgers' career, Kevin Durant

00:00 Are Brady’s workouts fearless or foolish? 13:24 Are you worried about Lamar Jackson’s long-term health? 24:15 Have the Packers wasted Aaron Rodgers’ career? 36:59 Do you respect Kevin Durant for saying he wouldn’t have played in Orlando even if healthy? 43:41 Uncle Jimmy joins


Dak's leverage, Aaron Rodgers, Nick Swisher on the MLB's return, Will this year's NBA champ have an asterisk?

00:00 Does Dak Prescott have all the leverage in his contract negotiations? 11:51 Is Aaron Rodgers a top 10 QB in 2020? 27:42 Nick Swisher joins to discuss the MLB’s return in a shortened 60-game season. 32:10 Will this year’s NBA champ have an asterisk? 43:52 Uncle Jimmy joins


Cam Newton's mindset, Bubba Wallace, LeBron + Avery Bradley, Antonio Brown

00:00 What do you make of Cam Newton’s mindset right now? 8:34 FBI concludes Bubba Wallace was not a target of a hate crime. 21:45 Should LeBron be bothered by Avery Bradley opting out of the NBA’s restart? 35:15 Should a team take a chance on Antonio Brown? 43:20 Uncle Jimmy joins to welcome Emmanuel Acho to the SFY family


Chargers interest in Colin Kaepernick, NBA's restart + Lakers, MLB updates, Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes

00:00 Are the Chargers interested in Colin Kaepernick? 15:20 Are the concerns about the NBA’s restart causing a rift between LeBron and his teammates? 29:06 Report: MLB & players union are closing in on an agreement to play the 2020 season. 35:51 Are you disappointed Lamar Jackson isn’t embracing a rivalry with Patrick Mahomes? 45:52 Uncle Jimmy joins


Colin Kaepernick, Mike Gundy/Chuba Hubbard, Kyrie + Dwight, Cowboys + Dak

00:00 Does Colin Kaepernick still want to play football? 13:22 Mike Gundy “looking forward to making some changes” after RB Chuba Hubbard tweets that the coach’s shirt was “unacceptable.” 30:20 Do you like Barkley calling out Kyrie and Dwight for their stance on the NBA’s return? 39:10 Is the Cowboys relationship with Dak already tarnished? 43:21 Uncle Jimmy joins


Kyrie + Dwight on the NBA's return, Ezekiel Elliott, Lamar Jackson, DeSean Jackson joins

00:00 Do you have an issue with Kyrie Irving + Dwight Howard’s stance on the NBA’s return? 17:33 DeSean Jackson joins. 27:58 Ezekiel Elliott’s agent confirms the Cowboys’ RB has tested positive for COVID-19. 33:23 Is it a big deal or no that Lamar Jackson took a scary tumble over a jetski during a beach football game? 43:13 Uncle Jimmy joins.


Pete Carroll + Colin Kaepernick, NFL, MLB, Tom Brady's MVP chances

00:00 Do you believe Pete Carroll that he regrets not signing Colin Kaepernick in 2017? 12:15 NFL commits $250M over the next 10 years to “support the battle against ongoing & historic injustices faced by African-Americans.” 26:12 Tom Verducci joins to discuss the latest updates from the MLB. 32:05 Is Tom Brady a real MVP threat? 41:38 Uncle Jimmy joins


Patrick Mahomes, NBA's return, Ravens + Lamar Jackson, Big Ben

00:00 Thoughts on Patrick Mahomes’ comments about players needing to be role models? 12:55 Are you worried about the quality of play when the NBA season resumes? 24:55 Is it a smart approach by the Ravens to limit Lamar Jackson’s carries? 35:43 What is Big Ben’s motivation with unblocking everyone on Twitter? 43:47 Uncle Jimmy joins


Kraft + Brady, Lakers, Jameis Winston, Packers' locker room

00:00 Has Robert Kraft gotten over Brady leaving? 10:18 Would the Lakers winning the title this season reignite the LeBron-Jordan GOAT debate? 25:07 Do you like Jameis Winston’s confidence about being an all-time great? 37:15 Could the Packers’ Jordan Love pick divide the locker room this season? Uncle Jimmy joins


Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Dalvin Cook

00:00 Will Colin Kaepernick be on an NFL roster this season? 12:45 What is Cam Newton trying to say with his latest IG post? 23:50 Have the Packers mishandled Aaron Rodgers this offseason? 33:10 Will holding out work for Dalvin Cook? 42:50 Uncle Jimmy joins


NFL + Roger Goodell, Dak Prescott, Antonio Brown, Conor McGregor's 3rd retirement

00:00 NFL says it “will be reaching out to players who have raised their voices on how we can improve and go forward.” 14:17 Should Dak’s years of being underpaid play a role in his negotiations? 26:52 Has Antonio Brown been humbled? 36:34 Is there any reason to take Conor McGregor’s 3rd retirement seriously? 43:45 Uncle Jimmy joins


Weekly Rewind 6/1 - 6/5

00:00 Marcellus Wiley, LaVar Arrington & more discuss the protests across the country following the death of George Floyd. 12:11 Clemson assistant coach Danny Pearman apologizes for using the n-word when confronting a player in 2017. 22:49 Do you like Lamar Jackson’s chances at winning back-to-back MVPs?


Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, NBA's return, Jake Fromm's apology

00:00 Did Drew Brees put an end to the controversy? 14:13 Should Aaron Rodgers have been on PFF’s list of the NFL’s top 50 players? 17:31 Are you impressed Baker Mayfield is voluntarily jumping into other position meetings? 24:08 What are the biggest issues the NBA will face in Orlando? 34:57 Did Jake Fromm need to apologize? 34:55 Uncle Jimmy joins


Drew Brees' comments, criticism, and relationship with his teammates + Lamar Jackson's chances at winning back-to-back MVPs

00:00 Drew Brees apologizes after his comments about protesting during the national anthem. 14:12 Are you bothered by the criticism Drew Brees received? 27:02 Can Drew Brees repair his relationship with his teammates? 34:50 Do you like Lamar Jackson’s chances at winning back-to-back MVPs? 42:10 Uncle Jimmy joins


Dak's contract, Tom Brady, Lakers, Danny Pearman, Cam Newton

00:00 Is there any chance Dak will lose leverage in his contract negotiations? 10:48 Is Bruce Arians expecting too much from 42-year-old Tom Brady? 15:33 Will the Lakers still be the favorite when the NBA returns? 28:44 Clemson assistant coach Danny Pearman apologizes for using the n-word when confronting a player in 2017. 39:33 Would Cam Newton be a good backup for Kyler Murray? 43:44 Uncle Jimmy joins


Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson, Antonio Brown, Brady vs. Belichick

00:00 Do you agree with Ron Rivera that Cam Newton has “something to prove”? 14:20 Is Deshaun Watson happy in Houston? 26:32 Does AB look desperate right now? 35:50 Who has more to lose in the breakup: Brady or Belichick? 43:09 Uncle Jimmy joins