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The Habershow: Tom Haberstroh’s NBA Podcast

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NBC Sports national NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh sits down with some of the biggest names in the NBA to share the stories and the numbers behind the biggest games and biggest moments in the league. New episodes drop every Friday during the NBA season.

NBC Sports national NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh sits down with some of the biggest names in the NBA to share the stories and the numbers behind the biggest games and biggest moments in the league. New episodes drop every Friday during the NBA season.


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NBC Sports national NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh sits down with some of the biggest names in the NBA to share the stories and the numbers behind the biggest games and biggest moments in the league. New episodes drop every Friday during the NBA season.




What TBT teaches us about the NBA bubble

What is life like inside the TBT bubble? Sean Marshall, captain of Team Challenge ALS in The Basketball Tournament, shared how he is keeping his team safe and his advice for players in the NBA bubble. Plus Marshall explained why Jared Dudley, his co-captain at Boston College, is the smartest guy he has ever played with. For more on the fight against ALS: 7:40 Life in the TBT bubble 15:30 Keeping in shape during COVID-19 19:15 Why two players had to leave his...


How the NBA bubble will work with Nate Duncan

Will it be safe inside the NBA bubble? Tom Haberstroh discussed with Nate Duncan, the host of a popular NBA (Dunc’d On Basketball) and COVID (Covid Daily News) podcast. 8:10 The NBA's rules for the bubble 17:20 Why Disney staffers don't necessarily need to be tested daily 32:10 The biggest threat to the bubble 42:30 Why the NBA could be in big trouble for next season 46:50 Whether the NBA should finish this season or not


Introducing new Wake Forest head coach Steve Forbes

What’s it like to be interviewed by Tim Duncan and Chris Paul for your new job? Steve Forbes, the new head coach of the Demon Deacons, discussed the interview process with Tom Haberstroh, a proud Wake Forest alum. Plus Forbes told stories about Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse, his best friend, and Fred Van Fleet, who he coached at Wichita State. 10:00 Zoom interview with Tim Duncan and Chris Paul 18:40 The five tiers of recruiting 27:20 Why Nick Nurse is such a good NBA head coach 42:15...


Inside the NBA bubble with TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott

What will life be like inside NBA bubble? Tom Haberstroh discussed the health and safety protocols with TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott 9:35 Henry's 20 questions for the NBA 26:00 What happens if a player breaks the rules? 37:35 What if an NBA player gets really sick? 44:20 Reactions to Kyrie Irving 58:00 Why doesn't the NBA play outside?


Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce and ESPN’s Amin Elhassan on racial injustice

Is the NBA doing enough to combat racial injustice? Tom Haberstroh discussed with Atlanta Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce and ESPN’s Amin Elhassan. Pierce explained his viral #JusticeForLloyd Instagram post, while Elhassan compared the New York Knicks to Homer Simpson. Lloyd Pierce: 1:55 The viral #JusticeForLloyd Instagram post 20:25 Diversity of NBA executives vs. players 23:50 Working with the NBA Coaches Association to inspire change Amin Elhassan: 56:40 Why racial issues have...


Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunders discusses protests in Minnesota

Ryan Saunders had one of his players tell him “that could have been me” after George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis. The head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves passionately decried police brutality and praised Karl-Anthony Towns and Josh Okogie for their leadership in standing up for racial equality. 4:30 Saunders’ reaction to seeing the video of Floyd 12:35 Timberwolves player: "That could have been me" 13:50 Saunders' IG post 15:25 Watching Karl-Anthony Towns speak...


HOF photographer Andrew Bernstein describes his most famous images

Visualize your favorite picture of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, and there’s a good chance it was taken by Andrew D. Bernstein. The HOF photographer took Tom Haberstroh behind-the-scenes of how he captured some of the most famous images in NBC history. For video of the podcast: 4:20 Hazards of champagne celebrations 13:50 Michael Jordan the Piano Man 29:00 The famous MJ...


Takeaways from The Last Dance with David Aldridge

How does The Last Dance change the way we look at Michael Jordan? Tom Haberstroh explored with David Aldridge, who made frequent appearances in the documentary. Plus Aldridge, editor-in-chief of The Athletic D.C. and host of the Hoops Adjacent podcast, discussed what really happened during the MJ flu (or poisoned pizza) game. 8:45 The flu game…or pizzagate 25:23 Best behind-the-scenes footage in The Last Dance 34:15 The list of everything MJ took personally 38:46 What about the...


Michael Jordan roundtable with Will Perdue, Kendall Gill and K.C. Johnson

How do Michael Jordan’s teammates feel about The Last Dance? Tom Haberstroh sat down a trio of Bulls experts from NBC Sports Chicago: four-time NBA champion Will Perdue, former Bull Kendall Gill and Bulls Insider K.C. Johnson. 21:06 How they felt when MJ announced his first retirement 31:40 What Jerry Krause would have added to The Last Dance 44:40 MJ smoking cigars in the locker room 50:15 Playing cards on the plane with MJ 56:51 MJ’s insane schedule with the Dream Team 1:06:50 MJ...


ESPN’s Pablo Torre on The Last Dance

How will The Last Dance affect Michael Jordan’s legacy? ESPN’s Pablo Torre revealed what he learned about MJ while watching The Last Dance. Plus Torre and Tom Haberstroh swap stories about fatherhood and Sam Hinkie's "Process". 8:28 Receiving fatherhood advice from Shane Battier 13:37 Pablo on the communal experience of The Last Dance 20:40 Why MJ agreed to release this documentary 27:33 Should MJ have been granted editorial control over the documentary? 40:52 Pablo's journey to...


J.A. Adande’s favorite Michael Jordan stories

Was Scottie Pippen the greatest No. 2 player ever? J.A. Adande, who was featured in The Last Dance, revealed his favorite stories from covering Pippen, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Plus Adande, who is now the Director of Sports Journalism at Northwestern University, joked about the mishap when he met Jordan for the first time. 7:25 J.A.’s mishap when meeting MJ 9:59 Why MJ avoided the media after retiring 26:32 The Pistons’ infamous walk-off vs. MJ 46:38 Phil Jackson’s version...


Olympic Dream Team memories with Hall of Famer Chris Mullin

Was the Dream Team the most dominant basketball squad ever assembled? Hall of Fame wing Chris Mullin shared his favorite memories playing with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird at the 1992 Olympics. Watch Mullin and the Dream Team in the 1992 Olympic gold medal game on Wednesday, April 22 at 9 p.m. ET on NBCSN. 10:28 1996 Bulls vs 2017 Warriors? 16:07 How MJ and Pippen felt about Toni Kukoc 22:07 Charles Barkley and Bobby Knight clashing in '84 29:01 The famous Jordan vs....


What happened to the Warriors dynasty w/ Ethan Sherwood Strauss

What was life really like at the top of the NBA? The Athletic’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss, author of the new book “The Victory Machine: The Making and Unmaking of the Warriors Dynasty,” discussed how the team dominated the NBA for the better part of a decade, why Kevin Durant left and other anecdotes from the dynasty. 8:48 Impact of social media on high-profile NBA stars 13:51 Why Kevin Durant left the Warriors 18:31 Getting yelled at by Durant 23:33 How Steph Curry handled immense...


Shane Battier on trying to guard Kobe Bryant

How did NBA players prepare to guard Kobe Bryant? Shane Battier, a three-time NABC Defensive Player of the Year at Duke and a two-time member of NBA All-Defensive Team, shared the mind games he played with the Black Mamba. Plus Batter, who is now the Vice President of Basketball Development and Analytics for the Miami Heat, revealed which NBA player could beat him in a Jeopardy duel. 3:28 Which NBA player could beat Shane Battier in a Jeopardy duel? 7:57 Advice for NBA rookies 10:27...


When will the NBA return with NYT's Marc Stein

Will NBA players be in Tokyo for the Summer Olympics? Marc Stein, NBA reporter for The New York Times, analyzed how the new Olympic dates will impact USA Basketball. Plus Marc and Tom discussed the health-and-safety hurdles that need to be cleared before the NBA season returns. 7:30 The whirlwind of the season being shutdown 11:31 Biggest Premier League fan in the NBA 25:45 Options the NBA is exploring at this moment 34:06 Potential NBA calendar and its impact on Olympics...


UCLA’s Michael Roll on being quarantined in Italy

What is life like for basketball players stuck in Italy during the coronavirus pandemic? Michael Roll, who reached three Final Fours with UCLA, described being under a total lockdown while playing for Olimpia Milano. Plus he discussed how his family is preparing to welcome their first child at a time when Italian hospitals are so overwhelmed. 1:35 Scene in Italy 7:51 Reaction of NBA vs. EuroLeague 9:44 Playing against someone who tested positive 13:01 Expecting his first child in early...


Andy Larsen on taking the coronavirus test after Rudy Gobert touched his mic

What did Andy Larsen do after Rudy Gobert touched his microphone in the now-infamous press conference? Larsen, the Utah Jazz beat writer for The Salt Lake City Tribune, discussed finding out that Gobert tested positive for coronavirus and having to take the test himself. Then Eric Chemi, CNBC’s Sports Business reporter, analyzed the financial ramifications of the NBA suspending its season and which teams will be affected the most. Andy Larsen (1:01) 5:35 Rudy Gobert’s now-infamous press...


What’s next for the NBA after suspending its season

When will NBA players return to the court? Tom Haberstroh discussed the coronavirus’ impact on the NBA with Howard Beck, Bleacher Report’s senior NBA writer and host of The Full 48 podcast. 2:12 Why the NBA made the right decision 9:35 The reasonable bar for players to get tested 12:40 Interactions with Rudy Gobert 24:11 Next steps for NBA 31:01 Possible NBA timeline for the next month


Sue Bird on coronavirus, CBD and the importance of sleep

How is Seattle reacting to the coronavirus? Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird discussed precautions and the possibility of playing in front of empty stadiums. Plus Bird, a three-time WNBA champion and four-time Olympic champion, revealed why she is endorsing a CBD brand. 1:50 Smartphone addiction 2:55 How Seattle is reacting to coronavirus 6:05 Being one of the first athletes to endorse a CBD brand 17:40 The importance of sleep 20:42 Why 40 is the new 30


Does the “hot hand” really exist?

Just like in NBA Jam, players who make a couple of shots in a row catch on fire, right? Tom Haberstroh discusses the “hot hand” with Ben Cohen, author of the new book “The Hot Hand: The Mystery and Science of Streak.” Cohen, who covers the NBA for The Wall Street Journal, uses players like Stephen Curry to explore whether there really is such a thing as being in the zone. Plus Cohen and Haberstroh, who will both speak at the 2020 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, preview the topics...