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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.

Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.


Bristol, CT


Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.




Howard Bryant on Uncertainty, Disorder & 'Why Now?' remains an Important Question

Bomani is Joined by Howard Bryant to discuss the effect that uncertainty and “disorder” have had on the country and corporations (2:01). Who is and is not assuming the risk in the sports leagues attempting to return to action as it relates to the future ramifications come with it? Plus, Howard dishes on his story about Bruce Maxwell, the former A’s catcher who was pushed out of MLB for kneeling during the national anthem back in 2017 (31:28) and 5-star hoops prospect Makur Maker choosing...


Change The Name

Bomani addresses why “the money” was right for Washington’s football team and Cleveland’s baseball team to consider a name change (1:00), why he really hopes Cam Newton plays well with the Patriots (28:29) and why DeSean Jackson made a colossal error despite thinking he was putting us up “on game” (41:10). Plus, your voicemails from when you accidentally got caught up in a “rough” neighborhood you didn’t expect (51:57).


Chris Bosh spills stories from time with the Heat

Bomani Jones is joined by former Heat F Chris Bosh to introduce his newsletter "The Last Chip", which shares stories and lessons behind the scenes of the "Big 3's" last NBA Championship. He and Bomani cover his initial excitement in teaming up with friends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (3:20), the assimilation process to his game (9:55), the peaks and valleys of each run to the NBA Finals (21:27), why Mario Chalmers puts himself on the same level as Jordan and Kobe (41:59) and much more. You...


Domonique Foxworth on Bubba Wallace & Race Relations in America

Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth do a postgame recap of Bo's debate with Will Cain on the radio, and expand the discussion about race relations in the United States (2:30). Bo shares why he thinks Bubba Wallace deserves props in the face of people calling hoax on him, and the guys discuss the attachment people have to symbols from a past that is just plain wrong (25:51). Plus, why Tom Brady thinks he's above social distancing (50:05) and story time from the worst neighborhood the guys can...


The Moment

Bomani Jones shares why NASCAR's history of antagonistic actions towards black people set the stage for the one of the biggest moments of sports history with Bubba Wallace (1:02). Which one of y'all wants to be the Ciara to his Russell Wilson? Dak Prescott just signed his franchise tender, so now Bo is trying to find him his Ciara too (31:21). Plus, Bo is encouraged by all of the players across CFB standing up for injustice after a push at Ole Miss to change the Mississippi state flag...


Anonymous Snitching & Josh Levin of Slate on David Duke and the KKK from Slow Burn Season 4

Bomani Jones throws water on optimism regarding a potential return to the NFL for Colin Kaepernick (0:52) and shares which part of the NBA's vast rules for a return to play at Disney's Wide World of Sports bubble piqued his interest (9:35). Plus, Josh Levin of Slate stops by to discuss season 4 of the Slow Burn podcast from Slate which he is hosting, and centers around the political career of David Duke and his rise with the KKK (23:51). You can check that out here:...


Benefit Of The Doubt

Bomani Jones is perplexed as to why we are giving Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy the benefit of the doubt regarding his decision to wear an "OAN" shirt and the subsequent forced apology from player Chuba Hubbard for reacting to it (0:58). Do Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard have the credibility with their fellow players to sway opinion against playing in Orlando (29:04)? Plus, Bo's thoughts on a former Wake Forest WR being the first Black male lead in ABC's "The Bachelor" (39:01), an IYHH...


Not So Fast & Story Time With Ahmad Rashad

Bomani shares why he's not about to "dap up" NASCAR after their decision to ban the confederate flag from events has been met with praise (1:17). Plus, he welcomes the legend Ahmad Rashad to talk about his football career (11:03), the reaction to his name change when he converted to Islam, his career transition to journalism and the success behind "NBA Inside Stuff" (23:34), his close relationship with Michael Jordan (32:41) and story time of hanging out with Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama,...


Protect Ya Neck

Bomani Jones discusses Roger Goodell's video responding to George Floyd's murder and shares why there is an opportunity for him to repair his legacy should he choose to do it (1:16). Also, why Kirk Ferentz's lack of fame may have allowed some truly problematic issues to go under the radar at Iowa (22:06) and why nobody should have wanted to fight Bruce Lee after the 30 for 30 on his life "Be Water" has aired (38:49). To wrap things up an IYHH including Democrats wearing "Kente" cloth at...


Up Out The Paint & Civil Rights Lawyer Carl E. Douglas

Bomani Jones weighs in on problematic words from Drew Brees' in an interview with Yahoo! Finance (1:15) and a misstep from Florida State head football coach Mike Norvell (20:05). He underscores how long the road is for both of them to maintain the trust of their teams. Plus, civil rights lawyer Carl E. Douglas joins the show (26:08) to discuss the country's history with policing and why George Floyd's murder has created this moment (26:23).


Listen to Me Now

Bomani Joins shares his thoughts on the effect that the killing of George Floyd has had on society (1:19). This includes why he sees hypocrisy in all of the statements released by professional sports teams (20:09) as well as why he has set aside Dabo Swinney for criticism specifically regarding his public comments (34:24). Plus, an IYHH including whether or not you need to wear a mask while running (48:18) and your voicemails of the wildest lie you have ever seen like Lance Armstrong in...


Nick Wright of FS1 Re-Litigates NBA History

Bomani Jones welcomes his friend, FS1's Nick Wright to the show for the first time for a wide-ranging conversation. The guys discuss how much of the modern NBA post-1990 needs to be re-litigated when it comes to ranking the greatest players and competitive balance (1:03). Nick defends his LeBron James as "the greatest ever" take (22:21) and Bomani complains about group projects again (34:15). Plus, what is the tipping point for sports news coverage on social activism in light of the George...


Play It As It Lies

Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on "the match", and why he can sympathize with Tom Brady as someone who is not very good at golf (2:42). Also, why he would like to see Michael Jordan compete next time, but is open to suggestions on who should join him. Plus, why Cam Newton still does not "have a job" (16:41) and what Bo found interesting about part one of "Lance" (26:04). IYHH returns, including "Karen" from Central Park (38:39) and your voicemails from when you got "run up on" like Earl...


Check to Check & Book Club Finale

Bomani Jones discusses the "funny money" implications of NBA owners and the possible return to action for the league, namely Tillman Fertitta in light of his recent visit to The White House (1:34). Plus, author and journalist Sam Smith joins for the final installment of The Right Time Book Club on his book "The Jordan Rules", including if he thought it would be controversial when he wrote it, the media's fascination with Michael Jordan, and Jordan's view of Horace Grant as "the snitch" when...


Michael Smith recaps 'Last Dance'

Bomani Jones and Michael Smith share their takes on "The Last Dance" as a whole after the last two episodes have aired, including the lengths of Michael Jordan's motivation tactics, what episodes were their favorite, the challenges the doc faced with storytelling arc, Jordan's flex on the Kenny Lattimore "deep cut" and more (1:08). Plus, the guys take your voicemail questions on Jordan and the Bulls' Dynasty, such as what their favorite pair of J's are (39:20).


Bonus: When MJ was beaten in 1-1 at 'Flight School'

From The Right Time secret vault, former Princeton player, founder and CEO of the nation's largest minority run mutual fund John Rogers Jr. shares with Bomani Jones about the time he beat Michael Jordan at his "Flight School" camp in Las Vegas, which caused "his airness" to stop playing campers.


The Dotted Line & Book Club Part 4

Bomani Jones weighs in on comments from Blake Snell regarding health and financial concerns with re-starting the MLB season (1:07) as well as why Tom Brady's support of the Players Coalition letter on Ahmaud Arbery's death has gone under-the-radar (13:40). Plus, 3x NBA Champion Bulls G and Executive VP/Managing Executive of Wasserman agency basketball division B.J. Armstrong joins for the fourth installment of The Right Time Book Club on Sam Smith's "The Jordan Rules", including how...


Rare Air & Christian Dawkins from HBO's "The Scheme"

Bomani Jones weighs in on the events and themes discussed in "The Last Dance" Episodes 7 and 8, including Scottie Pippen "quitting" on his teammates during the '94 ECF, Michael Jordan deciding to retire after the Bulls' three-peat in '93 as well as whether or not his "bad teammate" imagery really matters in the end (1:43). Plus, agent Christian Dawkins from HBO's "The Scheme" discusses his ongoing battle with the NCAA, the hidden economy around amateur athletics and much more.


Time To Ride & Book Club Part 3

Bomani Jones shares how he received the Earl Thomas-TMZ story, including whether or not it is okay to laugh at and why you don't have to get ready if you "stay ready" (1:10). Plus, NBA Hall of Famer Joe Dumars joins for the third installment of The Right Time Book Club on Sam Smith's "The Jordan Rules", including why he was Michael Jordan's "toughest defender", whether or not the reputation that the Pistons had back then mattered to him at all and when he thought the Bulls had caught them...


Republicans Buy Sneakers Too & Scoop Jackson on 'The Last Dance'

Bomani Jones weighs in on the conversation around Michael Jordan's social activism or to some lack thereof as discussed in "The Last Dance" Episodes 5 and 6 (1:06). Plus, ESPN's Scoop Jackson joined to continue the discussion (17:43). They touch on whether or not Jordan was obligated to do more, how he and Chicago native Isiah Thomas connected with the city on different levels, whether or not they will ever "patch things up", and why Thomas got passed over for the 92' Olympic team.