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Nick is back on 1620 the Zone! 11-2 each weekday.

Nick is back on 1620 the Zone! 11-2 each weekday.


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Nick is back on 1620 the Zone! 11-2 each weekday.




July 2 - Segment 10 - NBA Minute

George delivers the NBA Minute. Then Gary lets us know the prop bets he's taking in the Hot Dog Eating Contest on Saturday and more!


July 2 - Segment 9 - JD Spielman Update...

Gary gives us an up date on where JD Spielman might be playing next and his connection to that school. Then the Field of Dreams game is going to happen and the teams have been confirmed including the White Sox and more!


July 2 - Segment 8 - John Fanta

John joins Gary and talks if his parents are sick of him yet, UConn going to the BIG East, how some schools feel about them coming back to the conference, if it's too soon to talk about what happens with CBB this fall and more!


July 2 - Segment 7 - Martie Cordaro

Martie joins Gary and talks when he's going to get a haircut, how he and the MiLB is diong after the cancelation of the season, what does he see the travel being like going forward, a Union Omaha update and more!


July 2 - Segment 6 - Urban Meyer Has Something To Say

Urban Meyer has some things to say about the SEC & B1G comparing the 2 and Gary dives into those comments and if he agrees or not and more!


July 2 - Segment 5 - Texas A&M Receive Punishment...

Gary brings up UFOs...then talks Boise State cutting baseball and Texas A&M gets a punishment and why does Rutgers have a COVID clause already and more!


July 2 - Segment 4 - End of Game Situations Without Fans

Gary and George talk Vanilla Ice and what he's doing in Texas, Then Gary takes us through scenario's of what the end of games may look like without fans and more!


July 2 - Segment 3 - Jacob Padilla

Jacob joins Gary and talks if he looks forward to the 4th, how would a spring football season look if we had to do it, 2 positions that got better in the offseason, the path of Imani Bates, UCon in the Big East and so much more!


July 2 - Segment 2 - BIG News From USC

Gary sets up the show. Then talks Ivy League considering a spring football schedule. USC makes a big announcement and which sports did Boise State dropped baseball and swimming and diving and more!


July 2 - Segment 1 - Crossover

Gary is joined by Mike'l, DB, & George for this Crossover and talk the new debate in spoon or fork for mashed potatoes and more!


July 1 - Segment 10 - Parker Gabriel

PG joins Gary and talks about the possibility of playing a College Football Season in the spring, the QB room in Lincoln, what the Huskers need from the QB spot for the season to be successful and more!


July 1 - Segment 9 - Spring College Football???

Gary mentions a pet peeve of his and George agrees. Then talks about the comments coming from Lincoln Riley about Spring Games and if they can happen this year and ask would you take CFB in the spring if that mean people in the stadium and more!


July 1 - Segment 8 - UConn To The Big East

Gary mentions baseball wouldn't have to let people know who has COVID-19 if a player does come down with it. Then Explains what UConn coming over to the Big East means for the conference and Creighton and more!


July 1 - Segment 7 - Would You Buy A Cutout To Be Put In Stadiums?

Gary mentions some of the ideas that MLB teams are coming up with to fill their stadiums including giving season ticket holders the chance to buy cut outs of themselves and asks if you would do it and more!


July 1 - Segment 6 - Mailbag

Gary and George tackle the Mailbag!


July 1 - Segment 5 - Scott Shanle

Scott joins Gary and talks Cam Newton with the Patriots, how that signing changes things with McDaniels and the offense, game day travel and if it would work to play the same day you travel, Chris Jones and KC and more!


July 1 - Segment 4 - Huskers Playing Non Conference Games

Gary goes through a scenario that he likes about CFB returning that he likes and that includes no Non conference games. Then mentions the conversation Mitch Sherman had with South Dakota St. AD and more!


July 1 - Segment 3 - Bobby Banilla Day!

We have sports this month! Gary has had it with any Patriot Super Bowl talk. Then gets into one of the worst deals in MLB history and why we celebrate Bobby Bonilla Day!


July 1 - Segment 2 - Sam Zietz

The CEO of GRUBBRR, Sam Zietz, who is working with arena's to open up joins Gary and talks what we will see as arena's start to open up, using your phone more as a ticket, assigned entry and exit times, future of customer service and more!


July 1 - Segment 1 - Crossover

Gary is joined by Mike'l & DB and talk Gary messing with Shane, Fireworks talk with DB, bubble life being bad and more!