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Sports's Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders who join Chris to provide insight.'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders who join Chris to provide insight.


Nashville , TN

Description:'s Chris Lee discusses everything related Vanderbilt football, men's basketball and baseball, from games and off-field news to recruiting. The show frequently features various Vanderbilt insiders who join Chris to provide insight.




A Season of Homecomings: Vanderbilt edition

Ron Lang, author of "A Season of Homecomings: Living, Learning and Loving Every School in the SEC," joins the podcast to discuss his book and the Vanderbilt portion within it. Ron conveys his impressions of Vanderbilt, names his all-time favorite Commodore, shares stories behind the scenes of the book, and answers listener questions.


Potential tough decisions, looking back a year, and... oxtail?

Chris Lee and Seabass discuss tough coverage decisions that will have to be made if football is pushed to the spring, and talk about how much the outlook for Vanderbilt sports has changed in one year. Plus, the two talk about some dynamics with the quarterback battle heading into the 2020 (2021?) season.


Keeping it real

Chris Lee and Seabass discuss how the sports media works, and talk about what could happen if Vanderbilt needed to make a football coaching change immediately.


Attorney Grover Collins discusses Vanderbilt's Title IX-related allegations

Attorney Grover Collins of Collins Legal discusses the Title IX-related allegations that went public involving Vanderbilt football this weekend.


Post-2020 MLB Draft discussion, and 2021 football recruiting

Chris Lee and Seabass compare 2020 MLB Draft expectations compared to realities, whether Mason Hickman should stay in school or go pro, and why the Orioles shouldn't have passed on Austin Martin. Plus, Seabass gives some brief evaluations of VU's 2021 football recruits.


Academics, athletics and COVID-19

Educational consultant (and Vanderbilt graduate) Mike Spivey tells us what he's learning about what's ahead with COVID-19 and higher ed after talking with multiple university administrators. He and Chris Lee hit the realities and the what-ifs of how universities and athletics are being affected with COVID-19 and touch on some other related issues, too.


Vanderbilt's baseball brand, and the 2020 MLB Draft

Chris Lee and Seabass talk about the strength of the VandyBoys' brand, and cite a tangible example. Plus, the two talk about what's ahead for VU in this draft, especially in Rounds 2-5, where the Commodores might (or might not) lose a lot of key arms. The two dive into a football-themed mailbag at the end.


Will Vanderbilt play football this fall?

The Tennessean's Gentry Estes wrote about Vanderbilt's indecision regarding playing football this fall amidst the COVID-19 crisis. He and Chris Lee get into why VU hasn't made a decision and what could happen if Vanderbilt doesn't play this fall. It's an enlightening 35-minute episode of the VandySports Podcast.


Who'd you rather have?

Bobby Johnson or Derek Mason? Earl Bennett or Jordan Matthews? Casey Hayward or D.J. Moore? Those are a few of the questions Chris Lee asks Seabass, plus, a number of intriguing mailbag questions with an eye towards Vanderbilt's 2020 football season.


D1's David Seifert, on Vandy, the MLB Draft and the future of college baseball

David Seifert, the head of college scouting at D1 Baseball, discusses the upcoming MLB Draft and Vanderbilt's presence within it. Seifert also shares thoughts about potential changes to the MLB calendar, discusses ramifications of whether MLB plays an abbreviated season this year or not, and a whole lot more in a 49-minute podcast.


Jeff Goodman explains his tweet

The Stadium's Jeff Goodman sent out a tweet on Tuesday that didn't sit well with Jerry Stackhouse or Vanderbilt fans. On Tuesday afternoon, we did a podcast with Goodman in which he explains the background of that tweet. Goodman also opines on the near-future of Vanderbilt basketball and the SEC and hits on some other basketball-related topics in a 24-minute episode.


Candice Lee, Vandy AD

Candice Lee has been promoted from interim athletic director to the permanent person for that position. Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, how Vanderbilt got here and what that means.


2021 Vanderbilt football

The 2021 Vanderbilt football season should be a lot more interesting than the 2020 campaign, for two big reasons. Chris Lee and Seabass get into that, and also discuss future VU out-of-conference football schedules for the next decade.


Longer-term outlook for VU hoops, and that underrated 2004 pitching staff

Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss Vandy hoops rosters for the next 2-3 years, and the biggest missing piece there. The two also talk briefly about the start of college football season, then, dive into the VandySports 100, which spawns a discussion of Vandy's terrific 2004 starting rotation.


No Romello; now, when will we have sports?

Romello White is headed to Ole Miss, and VU is without a third basketball assistant. Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, as well as a potential re-start for baseball and the landscape for college football this fall.


The MLB Draft, and three reasons for football hope for 2020

Chris Lee and Mitch Light hit all sorts of topics in an hour-long draft. The discussion starts with where recently ranked Vanderbilt players and prospects in its draft ratings, touches on the Jim Harbaugh letter to the NCAA, hits the VandySports 100 (including the Festus Ezeli-Luke Kornet debate) and ends with the 2020 football team, including the three biggest reasons of hope for the seasons.


Much depends on the new chancellor

A year and a half after David Williams stepped down, nothing really changed with Vanderbilt athletics, even before the pandemic. How might new chancellor Daniel Diermaier feel about sports? Chris Lee and George Plaster discuss that, some lower-hanging fruit for Candice Lee, and what sports might return (and when) in a wide-ranging Monday podcast lasting 44 minutes.


Would Romello White be Vanderbilt's best player?

Chris Lee and Seabass dive into that, what VU's rotation would look like with the Arizona State transfer, and the complication that could get in the way of White coming. The two also hit some football-related issues arising from the COVID-19 cancellation of spring practice, and a lot more in a 1:16 podcast.


Potential problems with a spring college football season

George Plaster and Chris Lee discuss some of the issues that could come if college football were moved to the spring, and end the show with a discussion of Vanderbilt's resistance to involving folks who understand athletics into the athletics decision-making process.


Romello White to Vanderbilt?

The Arizona State forward is transferring, and the Commodores seem to be the favorite. Chris Lee and Mitch Light discuss the roster impact of that, discuss an alternate world of SEC-only football this fall and then dive into some recent picks in the VandySports 100.