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Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.

Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.


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Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.






Atlanta mayor reverts back to stay-at-home order

Trump defies data, says "we're getting back on track", Trump, Fauci not speaking as coronavirus crisis intensifies, Trump in Florida attending campaign fundraiser as state sees surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths, New Mexico pauses re-opening as cases rise


Fauci Says "I Don't Think You Can Say We're Doing Great"

Fauci says "I don't think you can say we're doing great... we're just not." Trump says "We did it right. We saved millions of loves." Fauci also says that is coronavirus is "the perfect storm." Multiple states have recorded record deaths and hospitalizations. Trump repeats the false claims on the increase in testing causing the high mortality rate. The CDC chief says that the guidelines to reopen schools won't be revised after Trump and Pence claimed they were too tough. Florida is reporting...


White House Won't Say Whether If Trump Has Confidende in Fauci,

The United States coronavirus cases hit three million and United States death toll tops 132,000. There has been a 37 percent rise in testing vs. a 152 percent rise in cases since June 12. Arizona has the highest positive test rate in the United States. Arizona's ICU beds are 91 percent full and ER admissions hit record high. Dr. Birx says that Arizona's 7-day case average is "encouraging." Death rises in Florida, Arizona and Texas, as coronvirus cases are up in 35 states. The White House...


Trump Says U.S. In A Good Place And Disagrees With Fauci

Trump says that the United States is "in a good place" and that he disagrees with Fauci that the United States is "knee-deep in the first wave." The United States death toll for coronavirus tops 131,000. Trump is scheduled to travel to Florida, a coronavirus hot spot, where hospitalizations in Miami-Dade have jumped 90 percent in 13 days. Also, Trump falsely states that the United States mortality rate for coronavirus is the "lowest" in the world. 14 of 20 most affected countries have lower...


Military Deploying Medical Personnel As Texas Sees Coronavirus Surge

The White House claims that the world is looking at the United States as "a leader" on the coronavirus pandemic. The United States leads the world in coronavirus deaths with more than 130,000. The White House defends Trump's claim that 99 percent of cases are4 "harmless" as the World Health Organization says 20 percent of the infected people with coronavirus need oxygen or hospital care. 32 states see spikes in coronavirus cases in the past week. The military is deploying medical personnel...


Trump heading to Mount Rushmore event; Coronavirus cases rising

Trump speech at Mount Rushmore event is mask optional with 7,500 seats lined up closely together. Dr. Fauci warns public to avoid crowds, wear a mask, and keep physical distance. U.S. hits 100,000+ coronavirus cases over two days. 35 states see a rise in coronavirus cases in the past week. At least eight secret service agents stuck in Phoenix with coronavirus after preparing for visit by Vice President Pence. Surgeon General doesn’t tell people to avoid crowds despite CDC warning against...


Trump Says "Crisis Is Being Handled" As Cases Rise

38 states seeing are seeing a rise in coronavirus cases in the past week. Trump says that "the crisis is being handled" as United States braces for setting another record for daily cases. Trump says "We're putting out the flames" about the coronavirus and that things are "going well" amid surges. Fauci says "well beyond the worst spikes that we've seen" and warns that "we are not going in the right direction." Trump touts plans to attend a Mt. Rushmore event, where there are no plans for...


United States nears 128,000 Coronavirus Deaths, Trump Says Virus Will "Disappear"

The United States nears 128,000 deaths as Trump predicts virus will disappear. Kansas City mayor receives racist texts and death threat after announcing mask mandate. Trump tries to save face by saying he's "all for masks," when he said "I don;t see it for myself" before, as 22 states roll back reopenings and cases surge. A growing number of Trump allies say wearing a mask works, Trump still resists a national mandate about wearing masks. Trump says that the coronavirus is going to "just...


Fauci says the United States is "Going In The Wrong Direction"

United States deaths have surpassed 127,000. South Dakota governor says no to social distancing planned and masks optional Trump event. The rate of new coronavirus cases trending up in 36 states and down in two states. A new study finds that droplets can travel farther than six feet. Fauci says the United States is "going in the wrong direction" and warns that the United States could hit 100,000 new cases a day as Trump blames China. Fauci also says to "stop going to bars, they're really not...


Arizona Governor Orders Partial Shutodwn As White House Ignores Spread

The United States death toll nears 126,000. The rate of new coronavirus cases in the United States are trending up in 31 states and down in four states. Arizona governor orders partial shutdown as the White House ignores its own advice on containing spread. The White House responds by says they are aware that "embers" need to be put out. At least 14 states pause reopening plans as cases surge. California sees a 45 percent increase in coronavirus cases in the past week. 28 members of one...


EU "Unlikely" To Allow United States Travelers As Cases Spike

The United States is averaging more coronavirus cases per day than any other point during the pandemic. Pence dismisses coronavirus concerns at Trump rallies and says that Americans have freedoms of speech and assembly. Pense sidesteps question on politicization of face masks. Pence also says that the United States is opening "safely and responsibly" even as cases surge in many states. Fauci says that some states may have opened "a bit too early" as Pence praises the president's response....


Trump Digs In On Failed Strategy As Virus Cases Surge

A new report details how unprepared the United States was for the coronavirus. It has also been found that the IRS sent $1.4 billion in stimulus checks to dead Americans. Multiple states pause their reopenings as cases surge. Texas reported its highest single-day number of new coronavirus cases this week.18 coronavirus cases have been linked to a surprise birthday party in Texas. The number of new coronavirus cases trending higher in 31 states. Los Angeles County has the most coronavirus...


Fauci Says "Get Past It" To People Who Won't Wear Masks

More than half of United States' states has rising case counts as California and Arizona see record high hospitalizations. The number of new coronavirus cases trending higher in 26 states. Hospitals across the United States seeing more young coronavirus patients. New Jersey, New York and Connecticut announces a required 14-day quarantine for hot spot visitors. President Trump won't follow New Jersey quarantine order this weekend, after state announces 14-day quarantine for visitors from hot...


White House Task Force Members Break With Trump

Top doctors say they haven't been told to slow down testing, while Trump says he wasn't kidding about slowing down testing. Top medical officials contradict Trump on testing, as Fauci said, "We're going to be doing more testing, not less. Fauci also said if the United States doesn't get control of the pandemic before fall, "You're essentially chasing after a forest fire." CDC director said that the virus has "brought the nation to its knees," Funeral held for Rayshard Brooks, who was killed...


Two More Campaign Staffers Test Positive for Virus after Rally in Tulsa

Two more campaign staffers on President Donald Trump's advance team have tested positive for coronavirus, after attending his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday. Trump's campaign announced it on Monday. The total number of staff in Trump's circle to test positive is now at ten, that includes eight staffers and two secret service agents. The White House is defending Trump's "Kung Flu" comments in regards to Covid-19. He used the racist term during his rally Saturday night, saying Covid-19...


Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Stop Trump Rally

Trump threatens protesters who plan on showing up at his rally in Tulsa Saturday night. The Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected a bid to stop the rally amid a 140% increase in the 7 day day average of new daily Coronavirus cases, masks will be optional. The World Health Organization warns that a new and dangerous phase of the pandemic is on the horizon. The Trump administration is suing to stop the release of John Bolton's new book claiming it contains classified information. A federal judge...


Trump: I Made Juneteenth Very Famous: By Moving Rally

Trump says he asked a lot of people about Juneteenth and he said "they had not heard the term... nobody had heard it." The Washington Post says that a top state department official and lifelong republican quits in protest over Trump's handling of race and response to racial tension. Officers that were charged in the death of an Atlanta man turn themselves in. The district attorney on the murder cases says "we're not seeking the death penalty." 24-year-veteran of the Atlanta Police Department...


Officer Who Shot Rayshard Brooks Charged With Felony Murder

Officer who shot Black man outside of Wendy's charged with felony murder and could face the death penalty if convicted. The attorney for the second officer says officer has not agreed to testify as a state witness. This contradicts the district attorney who said he would be a state witness. Meanwhile, protests grow as officers are charged in the death of Rayshard Brooks. Prosecutors say that officers did not render aid after Rayshard Brooks was shot and one can be seen in a video kicking the...


Protest Grow As Trump Signs Order On Police Reform

Trump signs executive order "encouraging" police reform and defends officers saying, "without police, there is chaos", as people continue to protest. Trump stops short of calling for total ban on police chokeholds. Trump touts executive order on police reform. The executive order fails to outright ban police chokeholds amid growing calls to do so. The executive order included a database of officer misconduct and limiting use of chokeheads. . The executive order allows chokeholds when an...


911 Call Just Released In Rayshard Brooks Killing

911 call just released in fatal police shooting of Black man in Atlanta.Protests continue to erupt over police killing of Rayshard Brooks. The Atlanta Police Foundation says 19 Atlanta police officers have resigned over the last 10 days. The 21st night of protests continue across the United States for racial justice, as the family of Rayshard Brooks demands answers in his death. His family demands justice and says his death will not be in vain. Concerned 911 dispatcher warned supervisor of...